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Honore, thanks! Honore

Posted by muffled on July 2, 2007, at 12:39:14

In reply to Re: blocks, options, and prevention, posted by Honore on July 2, 2007, at 12:12:43

> I'd be interested in seeing more of how Klavot's system works.

*me too
> I wonder if you aren't underestimating the degree of loss involved in being blocked from a place that you go to, and get some important emotional solace

*sigh..I been trying to explain this to Bob for a long time....
>Whereas now, the internet has clearly changed into a major source of connection for many people.

*nicely said!
>Yet there are moments when one impulsively does things, and then is taken up short by what one has done.

*EXACTLY, and I KNOW you can review your post but sometimes when I in the mode I'm in, it don't make a diff, seems OK, then I read it later and go 'oh sh*t', but tooooooooooo late :-(
> If it's a question of giving people a chance to repeat an experience, so as to learn enough from the repetitions that it would actually help change behavior, allowing people to come back and make mistakes and being blocked more often would, for me, make the learning process more probable.

*again, well said. I too have felt that we don't learn from too strong punishment. Just twists us...
> If I acted impulsively and were blocked for a month, it would be less likely that I'd learn anything--other than that I felt badly treated, and perhaps had to be very very careful, which also could lead to moments of rebellious impulsivity-- than if I were blocked several times for briefer periods, during which I felt I had chances to act differently each time.

*catch more flies w/honey....or something like that.
> [I get the sense that your concern is not taking short blocks seriously, but I think people generally do.]

**again EXACTLY. Ohhh good using words honore!

> I do think, though, from a practical point of view, or teaching new behaviors, allowing people more chances to make mistakes, suffer the consequences, and come back with another chance, would lead to people's feeling more consistency in their lives (ie participation) and also to have chances to adapt to the rules, which may not be natural, initially.

* yup you said it good honore!
Glad you could make the words come out right.
Do your words do that all the time? Or do they sometimes not work? Mine seem to get all stuck in my head some how, and sometimes they flow like a mighty river. And sometimes the river floods!!!!ROFL!!!




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