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Re: Linkadge medication SLS

Posted by Jay2112 on December 5, 2022, at 17:51:35

In reply to Re: Linkadge medication Jay2112, posted by SLS on December 5, 2022, at 9:07:00

> > > Hi Ed,
> > >
> > > Long time, no see.
> > >
> > > I have thought about replacing the mirtazapine with something else, but it works very well for sleep. I have dissolved 15mg tabs in a dropper bottle and literally just use drops of it. Even less than 1mg can be sedating. I was considering seroquel or trazodone as alternatives, but not sure if this is needed.
> > >
> > > There are times when the effexor can help anxiety. Sometimes I only take it for a few days at a time (literally just counting spheroids within a 37.5mg cap). However, it's a bit less predictable.
> > >
> > > Linkadge
> >
> > Hey Link....
> >
> > A couple of things...I don't know how you see it.
> > First, get your testosterone levels checked. I was only low by a very small fraction on my lab test. And, what happened to me before is happening again. After 4-5 months of daily "T", I am feeling very good, quite like the stormin' 30 year old guy I used to be. I have my "MOJO" back, I sleep awesome, and I have both more energy to do LOTS of things..and more optimistic .I lost much of my "grumpiness", and I have some new goals and ideas in life. And MY is INCREDIBLE!!
> > Don't just take my word for it..just google TRT +
> > reddit, and you will find many identical stories!!
> > I don't crave more meds...I am now happy and funny most of the time!!
> >
> > Sorry for going on, but testosterone, when used properly, IS an antidepressant, anti-anxiety, pro social, happiness 'drug'! And it has little in the way of side effects, except me being one happy dude! And it's not an artificial, drug-induced's THE real thing, baby! lol.
> >
> > I am feeling the things I long thought were dead..not just sexual, but an awakening to all of the great things in my life.
> >
> > You have to be very patient, but you have come this far. Plus psych meds are mostly terrible for deadening the great things in mens lives.
> >
> > Just a thought...
> >
> > Jay
> >
> > p.s. I lost two inches off my weight so far. :)
> That's a great idea, Jay. People I know have said it made a big difference in their sense of well-being. My T level was 227 when I had it checked last. My doctor said that, even though it was within the recommended range, it was definitely too low for her liking. I first need to get the name of a good urologist. That's who takes care of managing T treatment around here.
> I have almost no sex drive. This is not an ideal situation for me. I'm not crazy about my testes shutting down, but my GP doctor said that at my age, there is really no need to be concerned about that. I don't like the idea, but I like less not having a sex-drive as I approach my wedding date. Of interest to me is that this didn't occur until I began my current treatment regime 2 years ago. I wonder if adding Nardil caused this unwanted side effect. In the past, this never emerged with Nardil. In fact, Nardil increased my libido significantly in the past. My adding T is a no-brainer. Thanks for suggesting it here.
> What forms of administration to you recommend?
> Thanks.

Hey, thanks Scott. I have to mention that testosterone won't put your sex drive through the roof 24-7 if you are on a serotonin drug. Just, it still is enough to get the engines roaring a

I'd stay away from the needle shots, because it causes some heavy 'up and down' imbalance. The dose goes from a lot, to a little, in the few weeks between your shots. There is a pill form, but I didn't find it quite as effective as the gel form. The two main gels in N. America are Testim and Androgel. Now, Testim is supposed to contain an added chemical that helps with better absorption. But, I find the generic Androgel to be just great! Being generic, it's cheaper too. Testim is applied from a tubed applicator, and it smells pretty nasty too. Androgel (and generic) come in little foil packets, but the gel is a bit watery and such, with little smell of the alcohol, nothing more. You just apply it on an upper arm, or around your belly button.

It's effects are slightly noticed within a few weeks, but it's taken me a number of months before things REALLY got better. You will also find your sleep improves, too. (But, it can cause sleep apnea too, so keep an eye.) I remember the last time I was on it for a long period, the *exact* same feeling I am getting now: contentedness!!! I am relaxed, yet feel physically good to go for a long hike. I remember had stopped my psych meds, and yes, I was good! BUT, I eventually went back on them as I could feel them working, rather than just side effects.

Seriously, I would say it is the BEST other drug has ever brought this to me. It's also what I call an 'anti-grumppy' drug too, as my patience is extended far beyond what I ever was.

Go on reddit, or, and check out the users stories, especially those on it for a long time. Oh, I also noticed my fear and anxiety have come way, way down.

PLEASE, don't hesitate!! As we get older, the testes start to shut/slow down anyways. I had the andropause in my late 30's. My pituitary gland stopped production of both LH and FSH, needed for testosterone production. I was almost at zero!!
Just go on it, stay on it! No, it's not a magic cure all, but seriously, it works wonders. One of the reasons I had my andropause so young was because of the high amounts of estrogen-promoting anti-psychotics and antidepressants. I remember, just before I started the "T" at 38, one day I broke down crying, because not only did I not have any sex drive, but my sex organ was just a useless piece of my body.

I should have never have stopped it, and only did so because I lost my job and couldn't afford it. Now, after getting a very low T reading, I said 'enough'..I CAN get that feeling back again! So, I pushed through the few months, and it's all coming back again. Again, if you are on serotonin antidepressants, don't expect to be a morning wood often returns, and sex can once be a fun pursuit Since you are getting married Scott, this might be a nice wedding present!

Any further questions...please ask away! :)


> - Scott

Humans punish themselves endlessly
for not being what they believe they should be.
-Don Miguel Ruiz-




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