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Re: Amphetamine for schizohprenia? microdoses? linkadge

Posted by jay2112 on July 1, 2021, at 12:40:30

In reply to Amphetamine for schizohprenia?, posted by linkadge on June 27, 2021, at 16:20:52

Hi Linkadge:

I don't have schizophrenia, but BP2 with major anxiety. Bipolar is, I think, still a bit of a fully uncharted is schizophrenia, and with the failure rates of most medications (pdocs,Rx's) who I think, just throw any medication, at high doses, at what they were taught in med school.

But, research is showing that traditional Rx is much a failure. So, after looking at research with microdoses of magic mushrooms (sorry, I don't know the chemical names) Extacy/Molly, and so on, I have been taking two microdoses of Risperdal and Nozinan (a typical antipsychotic) for about a month, along with my regular dose of Effexor (225 mg), and 5mg of amytriptaline, and lamictal for mood stabalization. Plus, 30 mg of Vyvanse, and the result has been, just barely short of amazing.

Ok, yes, it is a lot of meds, but not much more than most I see with bipolar. The thing that sticks out is, the antipsychotics. Doctors plaster their patients with the so-called 'average' dose of Rx's. Those ALWAYS left me with major side effects, in particular, DULL flatness, and ALWAYS, major akathasia. And the thing is, the larger doses, even is Schizophrenia, make patients, usually, have to constantly increase the dose, and constantly change medications because often, of poop out. For me, regular doses also suck me into huge anxiety attacks, panic, and feeling scared. The microdoses have a 'slight' effect of bedtime lite sedation, and a much, much more handle on my anxiety and depression. The Nozinan is about 1 mg *regular 25 and 10mg, and the Risperdal .25mg. (Regular dose... 2-3mg. It's not placebo, because I get a bit of dry mouth after taking them, and I have a tiny bit of shaking in my hands (only lasts for a few seconds).

And, back when I first started psych meds, I had a very good effect on my depression and anxiety with
about 1mg of Nortryptaline, and about same dose of Zoloft. I had forgotten about those.

Regarding Stims for Schizophrenia, on the Schiz website discussion boards, I saw MANY people also taking stims, without psychotic episodes. Same on Bipolar boards. Also, there was discussion on here about the microdosing of asenapine (Saphris) benefits, with very consistent positive reviews.

The drug companies seem really lame to this, with really only one example. That was with the tricyclic antidepressant doxepin. Many years recently, they went from 50-200mg as the 'effective' dose. Then, they came out with a new patented dose of 5-10mg's, backed by research. (Silenor).

Seriously, with all of the failures many people with drugs and mental illness, I think this may be a good alternative. We should be researching this more...much more!


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