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My feelings with opiates for depression

Posted by Mathia on October 16, 2007, at 8:54:13

In reply to Re: Getting Doctors to prescribe opiates, posted by Deus_Abscondis on October 16, 2007, at 5:28:48

Im really interested in the antidepressant side of opiates. I am 41 and have been dealing with depression my entire life. Therapy, ssri's, lithium, trycyclic's, all of these "new age drugs" in the past 15 years. After megadoses and alot of time, I found that nothing truly worked. (If I thought "maybe this one is working", it would be a temporary thing and I really never was close to being happy. I thought about writing a book several times and calling it THE NEW ANTIDEPRESSENTS JUST DONT WORK- PERIOD! (This conclusion was made by me and several others that I knew trying all these different combinations of drugs that didnt seem to help them either).
The one thing I have known my entire life is that anytime I have ever twisted an ankle or whatever and was prescribed an opiate (didnt matter what kind) I was immediately happy. Not falsely either, more like just a feeling of just normalcy. I would excercise, I would keep my bedroom clean, etc. etc.
The problem has always been the limited supply and then realizing I wont be prescribed these for very long. Its amazing how the medical and psycology world makes you feel like a "junkie" when you tell them opiates make you feel good. OF course, they can prescribe whatever they want as far as its in the "accepted community of drugs being used". Just look at these boards as a way of seeing that alot of the newer medicines that are used standard with Psycology today have alot of bad withdrawl potential. There"s a heck of alot of companies making billions off of these new drugs coming out. Besides withdrawl problems, there is also the fact that they dont have enough info as to what they do to ones body either. Im sorry Ive taken so long with this but I sum it up.
Basically like I said, Im 41 now. I cant waste any more time in my life without seriously seeing if I can live on a low dose of an opiate and be happy. If anyone out there knows of any doctors in the US that might be looking into opiates for depression let me know.
The only thing I see doing, is getting involved with subutrex a drug being used for opiate withdrawl, basically telling them I am taking high doses of opiates and want to get off them (even though Im not). Then have them prescribe subutrex and see if it works. Its sad that a society will prescribe everything and anything because it on their "drug money list" and overlook a simple opiate that is relatively very safe for your body and actually helps.
At this point I would just like to say here in print that "MARK MY WORD" (man I feel like my dad, "In the next decade you will see some antidepressent's being distributed that have an opiate compound in it, probably mixed with like the ssri"s or something. (a pharmaceutical vp probably just read all this and is running to the future drug board as we speak).
Anyway, thanks for all the info from everyone and greatly appreciate all your advice and suggestions, and all. Thanks to Dr BOB, this site really has helped.




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