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Re: Betrayed and put into what type of condition? Phillipa

Posted by Larry Hoover on April 5, 2007, at 7:20:12

In reply to Re: Betrayed and put into what type of condition? Larry Hoover, posted by Phillipa on April 2, 2007, at 19:23:34

> Lar you're unbelieveable. You said you would find the answer and you did.

I appreciate your faith in me, but only you can determine if the information feels right for you. I'm really asking questions when I post the information I find.....I don't know that it applies, or not. I hear you saying it *does* fit, and for that, I am quite happy.

> I thought lithium was bad for the thyroid and that selenium could cause Cancer.

Yes, lithium can stress the thyroid. Selenium, on the other hand, is totally essential to thyroid function. Without selenium and iodine, you thyroid cannot function at all. And, quite contrary to your belief, selenium supplementation is associated with a reduction in the incidence of cancer.

It's not known why selenium supplementation reduces the titer of circulating thyroid autoantibodies, but it clearly does so. Low selenium is also associated with depression, and anxiety. Really, you can only find potential benefits if you start taking 200 mcg/day selenium.

> I've never even had a scan and all any doc or endo has done is feel it as there is no goiter.

You never had a needle biopsy? Antibody titres are only presumptive of Hashimoto's. Lymphocyte infiltration of the gland is the definitive diagnostic test. Not that it matters now. I'm quite sure you have it.

> I'm having Greg print out the info for both docs. That would also explain why motrin at night seems to help me sleep.

Any anti-inflammatory would help acute thyroiditis. You don't even need to discuss this with your doctors, you know? Why complicate things. You know when you need it.

> And I'm taking ca/mg but how much should I take? And 125mg of magnesium for bowel function.

I think you're doing okay there. Just make sure you're getting sufficient vitamin D. The uptake pumps require it. For Ca/Mg, intake does not equal uptake, absent vitamin D.

> And that explains why this am I woke with the sweating, chest pain, twitching, and had to get an EKG and the internist said it was anxiety.

Those symptoms are consistent with acute thyroiditis, yes. They are also consistent with myocardial infarction. An EKG was warranted. I hope you found the results of some comfort.

> And why I feel cold during the day and then hot very hot at bedtime.

Now, you can take some control over the situation, by taking some selenium, and treating your symptoms with anti-inflammatories. You don't need a doctor for everything.

> And this event today happened about 5hours into sleep with unbelievable 20mg of valium on board and .5 of xanax and 3mg of lunesta. Needless to say I've been couch bound all day and still breathless with exertion.

That's likely due to the adrenal effects of the brief thyroid storm. You may find some relief from 2000 mg vitamin C, and/or niacinamide (up to 500 mg).

> And my ANA last time checked was low for me at l:160 and usually runs between that and l:320. When lymes was very active my ANA was 2800 and something.

ANA is non-specific, but it does suggest that general inflammation is low. That doesn't mean your thyroid isn't being targetted, only that your systemic inflammation is getting down. That's a good sign.

> With all these med changes my thyroid must be confused as I am and bloodwork due tomorrow. But the endo wouldn't listen to the pdoc. And a Charge Nurse my age about in the ER said she has been here 24years and hates all the endos and had her internists treat her thyroid. But we called hers and he's full. Love Jan kisses and hugs to you.

Your endo, if he's like most endos, was trained in a very rigid philosophy. They target normal blood tests, rather than normalization of symptoms. You don't have to do more than tolerate the guy. Trust your instincts, 'kay?





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