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Tricyclics - Q for SLS et. al. regarding ...

Posted by michael on October 11, 2006, at 14:45:09


I've been meaning to drop you a quick line & ask your opinion - others' opinions welcome too, of course...

I saw you mention trying a tricyclic in another thread, which prompted me to write you here @ PB, [that, & I don't have your home address w/me right now] since I'm about to start my first trial of a tricyclic.

My question is if you might have any recommendations/advice regarding which I should try? I'm just starting my wash out today, after something like 2-3+ months on 60 mg Parnate.

The Parnate seemed to help some for a while, but seems to have faded lately.

To summarize: my diagnosis is dysthymia; my primary symptoms/issues are a general malaise, or feeling ill/flu-ish all of the time, fatigue (always feel run down) and sleeping/tired all the time, difficulty with focus/concentration, and sometimes w/memory, and lack of motivation - even difficulty getting simple tasks started/acccomplished.

From the little I've read/researched about tca's so far, I've been thinking of trying one of the following 3: Desipamine, Nortriptylne, or Protriptyline?

[of course my Pdoc will be involved in the choice too, however he allows me a lot of input - he's a resident, so while he has more education, I - unfortunately - probably have more experience at this point in time! ha ha]

Any input (from Scott, or anyone else) regarding whether one may fit my symptoms better? Or which may have less (or less pronounced) side effects? Or any other factors, experience or advice that I should consider?

Thanks to all.

[Scott - hope you're feeling better, or at least that you will very soon. Thx as always for any thoughts, advice & wisdom you may have to offer.

The above thought applies to the rest of you, too!]


Btw, so far, I think my best results were with a combination of wellbutrin (max dose of various formulations) & dexedrine (20 mg bid)... and slightly better still adding 50 mg (I think it was 50) sulpiride.

Oh yeah - kind of a basic question: can stimulants be taken w/TCA's?




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