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Re: Maxime and larry Spriggy

Posted by Larry Hoover on March 25, 2005, at 18:30:18

In reply to Maxime and larry, posted by Spriggy on March 25, 2005, at 18:11:32

> NOW.. LARRY, thanks a lot for that info. What neurotransmitter will taurine effect? Or is it a neurotransmitter itself? The reason I ask is becuase my doctor suggested to me that I never take anything that directly effects seratonin or norepiphrine.

If you take the neurotranmsitter definition, and break it up into categories, the Big Three powerful ones are dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. But there are all kinds of other ones, too. Another category of neurotranmsitters is the neuromodulators. They "adjust" the effect of the Big Three. Examples of the neuromodulator category are GABA, glutamate, and taurine. I don't know why taurine gets ignored, but dedicated taurine reuptake mechanisms have been identified, and it is found mixed in with the Big Three in the storage vesicles that are ready to be fired when a neuron goes off.

> I wig out very easily when things enter my brain. I mean, very, very easily. I have a super sensitive central nervous system.

Maybe literally because of a taurine deficiency. What it does is slow down the firing rate of the brain. It's one of the natural tranquilizers.

I'm being a little bit specious about this. Who knows why you're sensitive, but taurine could help.

> Everyone swore Valerian root would help my anxiety-- yeah, well I took it and did not sleep until 5 am. becuase it made me shake so badly.

Me too. It's called a paradoxical reaction.

> I tend to have the opposite effect at times with drugs; codeine makes me have energy, some benzos make me wired, etc..

Ya, those sedating antihistamines give me a buzz....

> I will try it but wondered if I should start out on an even lower dose because of my reactions to other things??

There is nothing wrong with being prudent.

I have an intense reaction to MSG. You know, what they call "Chinese food syndrome". I was out last summer, and had a big feed of take-out Chinese. Didn't even think about the MSG. It hit me hard. I was all flushed, felt nauseous, sweaty. Then I thought of taurine. It directly inhibits glutamate. I took half a teaspoon in water, and in maybe two minutes, I was totally OK. Bingo!





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