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RE: cranial electrotherapy stimulation Larry Hoover

Posted by Elroy on February 23, 2005, at 19:30:48

In reply to RE: cranial electrotherapy stimulation Elroy, posted by Larry Hoover on February 22, 2005, at 16:11:05

Some other research info to pass on to you (or anyone else also interested in this device).

General info at:

Lots of research at this link:

Some testimonials through here:

Granted I prefer 3rd party site testimonials (like through support boards, forums, etc., kind of like this one... but the info just seemingly isn't there)... I usually turn to "" web site frequently for user observations, but was surprised to find that CES devices were even listed there at all. They have Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) listed, but that's a completely different technology - which did, BTW, get an overall decent review from its raters (for Depression).


So wonder what's the deal? Not that much review info out there as far as user opinions because it's quack-crap? If that was the case, you'd think that there would be quite a bit of info out there saying that as there would be a lot of users still looking for relief. Or could it possibly be that users found the relief being sought - and simply moved on with their lives (i.e., aren't hawking boards such as this one :) ????)....

That reminds me. There was a poster by the user name of "Pseudonym" (I believe) who used to post quite frequently and who was getting into taking low-dose selegiline combined with low-dose DLPA and B6 (as I recall). He had a really great last posting (at least the last one that I ran across)... Basically something to the effect I just spelled out.... "Sorry I haven't been around lately, the combo has been working great and I'm getting on with my life rather than hawking these boards...."

I loved that, it was great. Would just be nice to see that same posting on every other mental health support forum, RemedyFind, etc., for those like us who are still searching!

Anyway, one of the other big deals - to me - about CES technology is some indicators that it reduces cortisol levels and possibly "re-sets" the HPA Axis.

Research over the last 40 years indicates that CES:
- Restores balance between Neurotransmitters:[Serotonin, dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine, GABA]
- Interferes with the HPA stress cycle
- Increases Natural Killer cell activity
- Reduces Cortisol
- Increases Serotonin uptake
- Increases Beta Endorphins

QUOTE: As with a number of medicines, the mechanism of action (how it works) of CES is not fully understood. Research has led to the hypothesis that it has a mild effect on the hypothalmic area of the brain. Researchers also have noticed rapid increases in serotonin, also associated with relaxation and calmness, and decreases in cortisol, one of the primary stress-related biochemicals. Interestingly, CES also increases levels of norepinephrine and dopamine, both associated with alertness and feelings of pleasure. This may be why so many CES users report feeling both relaxed and alert. END QUOTE

I am convinced that - in my case - there is some type of connection between the high cortisol levels (with an out-of-kilter HPA Axis) and the anxiety and the depression and the plethora of physical symptoms. Still not sure what is causing what and what is being caused by what... but convinved that there's a connection. Also convinced that since it seems to be some type of a closed-loop, negative-feedback system that it is a situation where all elements have to be simultaneously addressed as they are simply feeding off of each other (the high cortisol keeps the anxiety levels up which increases the pain of the peripheral neuropathy which makes the depression worse which heightens the tinnitus symptoms which increases the anxiety which keeps the cortisol levels elevated which.... well, you get the point).


P.S. Interesting third-party clinical trial involving pain, anxiety, depression effects on females going through breat cancer chemo at:
Apparently study is either still in start-up phase or continuing....


> > Wondering why there's such a lack of information on all of the relevant forums concerning cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES)?
> My first impression of this therapy was in the form of heightened sensitivity of my BS detector. However, it appears that there may be something to this protocol:
> I'd be very interested in hearing of any person's experience with one of these devices.
> > It is (supposedly) FDA approved for depression, anxiety and insomnia and appears to have had a considerable amount of clinical testing as to some degree of effectiveness.
> With respect to FDA approval, I'd like to make clear that this type of device is approved only because a substantially equivalent device was already in use prior to the enactment of medical device regulations in 1976. As such, the vendors of these devices only need to show that their product is not a novel type of device, and they circumvent proper oversight via a grandfather clause loophole. These devices are Class 3, which have the greatest likelihood of adverse effects or injury to the patient. That said, it's hard to tell just what these devices do, let alone how they could hurt.
> Here's what the FDA has to say about Class 3 devices:
> Lar




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