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Posted by Elroy on February 18, 2005, at 16:37:29

In reply to Re: CES, posted by franco neuro on February 18, 2005, at 13:10:02

Yes, checked out that link and have been in e-mail comms with rep from that company. Also have e-mailed Dr. Braverman's clinic to see if they know - or can find out - if there are any clinics (or physicians, etc.) in my area (NE Ohio) that use the CES therapy. Obviously I would like a set-up where I could get insurance reimbursement for a unit.... but, if necessary - if my research continues to look promising - may end up purchasing one out-of-pocket. Still need a lot of info first. I noted that the basic Alpha-Stim unit cost $495, but if you don't like it at up to 30 days that you can return it for a 10% stocking fee (plus shipping). So it turns out to be about $60 for a 30-day rental to see if it works for you or not!

I got a copy (again) of the book "The Edge Effect" by Dr. Eric Braverman and read it thoroughly - and re-read it. He explains tons of things about the brain's primary neurotransmitters that I cannot come close to summarizing. It's clear after reading his book why many people won't respond to SSRI drugs, or will, but only for a time period, etc.

SSRIs are - obviously - designed to work on serotonin deficiencies. But the fact is that you might not have a serotonin deficiency, but rather a dopamine deficiency, or a GABA deficiency, etc. Or may have a primarily GABA deficiency with a mild serotonin deficiency.

Plus an SSRI is a chemical that's designed to maintain / protect the limited levels of serotonin that you have (if you are a serotonin deficient depressor) rather than increase your levels of serotonin. In his book he lists serotonin boosters, GABA boosters, etc., etc. that are supplements rather than pharmaceuticals. As an MD type he is very definitely NOT against the use of drugs when indicated, just makes it clear that he prefers to gets his clients off drugs and onto supplements as soon as possible.

As noted, Dr. Braverman mentions the CES technology in his book and speaks quite highly of it, and apparently uses it in his own practice at his clinics.

Some more info on CES:


The objective of CES is to return neurotransmitter activity to pre-stress homeostasis. Once attained, CES has no additional effect. Serving as a training wheels of sorts, CES helps you reprogram yourself... Along the way, you will intuitively come to know when CES is needed and when it is to be put aside. You alone will become the determinant of use, as regards both frequency and duration... It is hypothesized that CES acts by direct stimulation of the brain in the hypothalamic area with specific electronic frequencies. Such stimulation causes the brain to manufacture various neurohormones that effect ones moods and emotions as well as ones cognitive capabilities back to a level of pre-stress homeostasis... Western drug medicine relies primarily on chemistry to heal and control pain. Microcurrent electrical therapy (MET) is based on the concept that the biophysics underlying the chemistry also plays a significant role in regulating bodily processes. Using waveforms at a level of current similar to the body's own, MET bridges cellular communications helping reestablish the normal electrical flow. The concept of a bioelectrical control system is common to every form of healing ever developed in recorded history, except for drug medicine... CES is not to be confused with either ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) which uses a much greater amount of electricity to induce traumatic shock, or aversion therapy both of which are based on discomfort. With CES you should experience no discomfort whatsoever...


Here's the part that I found to be very interesting from this web site (and seems to indicate to me that the BEST approach might very well be a combination of Dr. Braverman's supplementation programs with neurotransmitter boosters combined with CES technology):

"There is a synergistic relationship between nutrients and CES. Think of the brain as a car battery, some cells of which may not be fully functioning. To achieve that end one needs both water and the trickle charge--This is analogous to the brain, amino acids and the CES. The brain uses amino acids as the raw materials, the building blocks or precursors with which to build its neurotransmitters. It is necessary for these amino acids to be present in the bloodstream in adequate amounts for the maximum impact/benefit of CES to be realized. These precursors, if present will be taken up and synthesized into neurohormones much more effectively when CES is added. These neurotransmitter precursor amino acids can be taken orally as food supplements. To experience an even more dramatic impact of CES, it should be done in conjunction with amino acid supplements, especially in those areas in which one is deficient. Ideally, you might first test to determine the nature of the neurotransmitter deficiency and then develop a regimen supplementing your diet with specific amino acids known to be precursors to them."


Some more informative links:

> Haven't forgotten about you El. Still trying to get in touch with my wacky friend. Did you check the link i attached with my last post. If you did than that unit that popped up is the exact one that Dr. Braverman uses. Two setting, .5 Hz and 100 Hz. The elixer people want $295 for it. Plus a few extra bucks for pads/clips etc. Of course it probably cost $10 to manufacture. I must say it might be nice to have a unit that plugs in because they say the battery life is only 20 hours on that unit. But it is nice and portable. Will keep you posted.




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