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Re: CES franco neuro

Posted by Elroy on February 22, 2005, at 22:19:06

In reply to Re: CES, posted by franco neuro on February 21, 2005, at 22:13:36

Couldn't agree with you more. My situation has been not near as long, but compounded by so many additional side effects. Severe anxiety turned into (very quickly, within just a couple of weeks) hypogonadism, severe tinnitus, severe insomnia, lack of motivation, severe peripheral neuropathy, etc. Within a couple of months severe depression was added into the mix (jeez, I wonder why?).

I took the Braverman Test (in the book), and it showed that I had a Dopamine Dominance (really tied with a GABA Dominance but the Dopamine wins out). The second part of the test showed that I have a deficiency really in all of the areas - except serotonin! - but especially in Dopamine Deficiency followed by Acethlcholine Deficiency and almost tied then by GABA deficiency.

What's weird is that (number one) is that you would think that the Dopamine boosters would increase my anxiety! And (number two) many of the symptoms that I have (tinnitus and peripheral neuropathy / parenthesia) are stated as being due to GABA / serotonin deficiencies!!!???

Anyway, your information brought me to an early point that I raised in another thread. What about the employment of the med Selegiline (low-dose, 5mg to no more than 10 mg) combined with low-dose DLPA amino acid and B6? Seems like that would provide some depression relief and a degree of pain relief. It could also be combined with Lyrica for anti-anxiety and some serious anti-pain effects. Seems like that would address dopamine and GABA levels primarily, with some minor serotonin effects (from what I can gather). Would like for my psych doc to start with me on the first combo and then - if anxiety still a problem, to replace the current Xanax with the Lyrica....

Still giantly interested in the CES devices - am looking at a used one right now (my insurance won't cover them)...

> Oh no indeed! I have to say I really liked the book too. I keep going back to it and I've tried getting pretty much everyone I know to take the tests. And to my surprise a couple of them actually did!
> As you probably saw on his site he is into supplements and has his own, but he definitely understands that sometimes you need the hard stuff. It's all about getting the right meds.
> I feel like it's sink or swim with this guy. I'm burned out on docs. I feel like I've aged 30 years in the last 3. I'm totally burned out. I felt something starting to happen 6 or 7 years ago. I lost the ability to sleep. I started getting a strange weak feeling in my left foot. Also a general weak feeling in my legs and on my left side. MRI was neg. Tried a couple of meds and settled on Elavil because it helped with pain and knocked me out at night. Took it for almost 5 years but had to keep upping the dose and still felt like I was going down hill. I stopped it 2 years ago and it felt like the bottom dropped out. I haven't been the same since.
> I've done a lot of research during these past 2 years and learned a lot of stuff I wish I knew before I started taking any meds. I had just started taking tyrosine and finding that it helped some with my symptoms when I got Braverman's book. I really think the dopamine (and/or norepinephrine) could be it. He said a "normal" brain voltage should be between 10 and 20 and mine came back at 3.26!
> Dopamine is a huge deal, particularly in men. There is a lot of interplay between it an the sex hormones and androgens. Also, tyrosine is used to make thyroid hormone and I went back over blood tests for the past ten years and my TSH has been higher the past few years so he wants me taking some thyroid hormones. No wonder I HATE the cold. (Damn snowstorm!) I should've been poppin' that tyrosine for years. Before I burned out. But who knew...




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