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Re: how is adderall coming along LeadingZero

Posted by katalina on September 2, 2004, at 9:20:54

In reply to Re: how is adderall coming along katalina, posted by LeadingZero on September 1, 2004, at 18:52:45

Leading Zero,

I'm impressed that you're giving natural sources a shot. If you don't mind sharing, are you doing anything specific, like eating a high protien diet, taking any supplements which you find helpful, etc.? I think about going that route every now and then, but then would rather surf the net for information on the newest wonder drug that will be a sure cure to my ailments (irritable, impatient, anhedonic and angry to name a few).

I have had brief periods of feeling happy in my life, but they are just that - brief and fleeting. As much as I would like to meditate, eat organic, practice yoga, etc. to keep my symptoms under control, it is just too much work (and expense). If it can be captured in a capsule and there's a hint of promise that it will cure me, and all I need to do is come up with the co-pay, then a lab monkey I will be.

Seriously though, the Adderall thing stinks. Why can't I be one of those lucky people who don't develop tolerance???? If you don't mind my asking, what kind of dose were you taking?

I'm glad to hear you're feeling good med free - maybe that saying about being as happy as you make up your mind to be, has some merit to it.

Stay well - Katalina

> >
> > I also take 60 mgs. of the XR version upon waking and pop another 20 mgs. of IR at noontime. For me, it's just my coffee substitute now. It's depressing to think about. I also have taken both Effexor and Lexapro in the past with the Adderall, but am now 6 months free of SSRI's, but also use klonopin 1.5/2 mgs. per day (.5 mid day and 1 - 1.5 mgs before bed). I was very happy to get off the SSRI treadmill and find myself functioning without them. I had taken Prozac for years before trying Ritalin and then Adderall.
> I was taking adderall for about two years. Now I'm off of everything, as of about two weeks ago.
> Adderall was extremely disappointing to me, not because it didn't work but because it worked really well and then gradually stopped working. After a time it was only making numb, tired and stupid. I recall leading meetings at work impressivly at the onset, then months later being unable to respond acceptably to questions as a simple attendee of a meeting. Dashed euphoria... what a familliar tune.
> I have no history of addition to any substances, mostly because of total abstianance. I have a very addictive personality, and often end up hung over on internet computer games. Being a father of two, 31 at the time, I decided to treat my ADD and get ahold of myself.
> Now I'm 33. I was tired and doing poorly at work, so I'm trying to go unmedicated. I'm giving sleep, excersize and sufficient nutrition a go.
> I have a lot more energy, and I'm really happy-- though that 'humming, annoying weenie' kind of happy I suppose. Still, I keep doing embarassing things like, say, today, leaving a restauraunt without paying.
> I tried ritilin just before adderall a few years ago. I might give it another whirl, but I'm afraid it's going to be another Adderall.




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