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Re: mind researcher, how is adderall coming along

Posted by mindreseacher on August 31, 2004, at 4:09:35

In reply to Re: mind researcher, how is adderall coming along, posted by mmcconathy on August 29, 2004, at 23:28:18

Hi chemist,
wow, meth, or i belive its called dysoxin, from what i read on the psychopham list, its like a triple wammy drug. It both blocks the reuptake of dopamine and norephinephrine, it releases both Dopamine and norepinephrine, and it releases Seratonin. I can see why meth is probably in the top 3 most addictive drugs IMO. Heroin, Meth and alcohol. (besides nicoteen)
In my case, im 31 yrs old. I began drinking alcohol at age 18, threw 29. I really cannot say i was an alcoholic, but to an extent, i did like my beer, and never really had a problem with it.
Now, when i started using GHB, that was it. I went from doing a few caps a night to 24-7 a day use for 3-4 yrs, costs me alot. I mean alot. I wont get into it. But, to this day, there is not drug that increases your mood in 20 minutes to total happyness feeling , not even oxy or dope. But there different, in that dope or oxy gives you a total body warm feeling along with a mood boost. GHB is more just mental, social drug. I could talk to anyone, blab about nonsence, dance for hrs, etc. But because of the dose response curve, the next small cap,knocks you out cold. I must have fell out 1000 times.! I wont go any further.

Now, at age 30, i began opiates, abusing them, iv used vicodin in the past, but only speratically. But once some guy gave me a huge load of oxys, i was off to the races. Within 1 month, i was using 5 oxy 40s a day. Nasally.

So, i got on my suboxone , which is like a methadone alternative, and keeps withdrawls and cravings down, and you dont get high, unless your totally opiate nieve you may get a buzz.

Then, 4 months ago, i was FINALLY diagnosed ADD. Now i was going to a p-doc for 2 yrs and he never picked up on it, and he was totally against giving drug addicted persons any type of mind altering drug, not even xanax. Nothing worked. ZOloft, kept me from being depressed, thats all. I still used, and craved opiates or ghb.

Now finally , the adderall. Adderall, for me, makes me more motivated for one. I "feel" like doing things normally i would not do or have no interest in. Now im able to do my research online for hrs at a time, without loosing interest in 30 minutes, or my mind wandering and laying down to sleep. Next, adderall makes boring tasks, sorta not boring. It keeps me from getting aggrevated say from doing work around the house. I concentrate more, it lessens my cravings for opiate drugs and alcohol.
I do not have hyperactive or ADHD. I believe i have TYPE 2 ADD, which is lack of motivation, boredom with life, sluggishness, shyness, sleeping alot, lack of concentration and day dreaming.
Now, its been 4 days off adderall, and i could still feel not the way i did on it. ANd im taking 30mg of ritalin 2x daily , plus 2 coffees a day. But im able to function. Now My appt for my doc is next tuesday, and i know i wont have enought ritalin for the weekend, so i may just cold turkey it for 2 days, just to give my body a break. IF i get too tired or fatigued , i can always pop an ephedrine pill , one or 2 wont hurt, its when you take it constantly, it depletes your dopamine severely. And it has no add qualities, except maybe motivation.
I was up to 30mg of adderall 2x daily. Im going to ask my doctor to add another 20mg at least, because, the dose of 30mg last for 5 hrs, then fades, so if i take it, even every 6 hrs, thats a total of 12 hrs of the drug acting in the brain. Now after that, there is still 8 hrs, (for me) left. So, that 3rd dose, is very important and needed. My insurance will not pay for adderall xr, and i have to call them to see about Dexedrine spanuals. My doc is very good in working with me, and if i explain my problem, he may ajust my dose, or switch me over. Im sure he will not write me dysoxyn, but its worth a try. I can say to him that iv been researching psychostimulants and came across a drug called dysoxin that suppose to lasts all day.,, but not mention anything about meth or such. But id much rather shoot for dexedrine spanuals. Dex, has the most mental stimulation, and least peripheral stimulation out of Adderall and Ritalin. Meth, well, I really should stay away from it, because its addictiveness.
Now that ritalin blocks the reuptake of dopamine, and NE, it act different from amphetamines, so i imagine when i start my adderall back up, i will be less tolerant. And im still researching ways to keep tolerance down.

ILL post more later. THanx




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