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Re: CHEMIST or anyone-- the art of taking adderall

Posted by mindreseacher on August 28, 2004, at 22:12:03

In reply to CHEMIST or anyone-- the art of taking adderall, posted by CareBear04 on August 26, 2004, at 13:07:53

Hi, I will give you some opinons of mine about adderall and amphetamines. Iv been researching this subject for about 2 weeks now, spending 3 hrs a day. WHy? Well take your time and read this , the information I will provide is from what i have researched, esp from 3 beers effect, who was a former Psychobabbler who was great with this topic. I must have downloaded 100 of his posts.

For one, Adderall, is a mix of 4 different amphetamine salts. 1/4 of adderall is dextroamphetamine. The other one is (d,l) amphetamine sulfate, known as benzadrine. The other isomers im not to sure of but i know for a fact these 2, D-amphetamine and D-l isomoer(benzadrine) are very important parts of adderall.
The Dextroamphetamine, is dexedrine. So 1/4 of adderall is dexedrine. This causes the most mental stimulation and least peripheral stimulation such as (Raised H.R. , Blood Pressure, Anxiety). Benzadrine, use to be marketed as a weight loss drug, and was abused back in the day. So it was taken off the market.

Ok, Iv been taking adderall 30mg 3x daily for about 1 month. THis is the absolute max dose. I have become tolerant to this dose! I could have taken more if i wanted, but then id be really abusing it, heading toward addiction. But, adderall is very potent. But for me, It made me feel motivated, My ADD was eliminated, I could sit and read or write for hours. I felt like doing things , esp things that were boring. It made me feel like a new man.
Let me emphisize, it did NOT make me high. I have a past drug history of abusing GHB and Opiates. And this drug does not make me high like those. It actually helps with decreasing cravings for these illicid drugs. I used opiates mainly for depression, social phobia, and motivation.
Well adderall, "replaced this" in a way. My doctor told me that many drug abusers suffer from ADD, and use because of this problem. So adderall had a very positive impact for me.
Well, up until 4 days ago, i had to take a break. I did not feel adderall any more. It still was working for my add, but i could tell if i missed a dose, or the blood levels decreases, id become, slightly depressed, dysphoric, non motivated, etc. So i told my self, i better stop or ill end up taking more and more. (note: Iv been on adderall for 4 months, starting with 20mg 2x daily.)

Adderall(amphetamines) and dexadrine(dextroamphetamien) both release stored dopamine, via the nucleus accumbens , or reward center in the brain. Also, to an extent, releases norepinephrine. Ritalin, blocks the reptake of dopamine, like SSRI's do with seratonin. Ritalin, and cocaine share similar biochemical properties.
Adderall is more like dexedrine than Ritalin. But from what i gathered, Dexedrine causes the most mental stimulation and least peripheral stimulation. Adderall, causes a bit more anxiety. But, in my opinion, at a dose of 30mg, i also take .5mg of KLonopin, to eliminate any anxiety from the amphetamine. 1mg or higher, will just block the effects. Some people may need less, some may need more. Everyone differs.
You state you have xanax. So i would start at a dose of .5mg and see how you feel, or what your doctor advised you to do. I suffer from social phobia, depression, ADD, and Opiate addiction, and for the first time in my life, after trying so many drugs, alternative meds, etc, Adderall, klonopin , lexapro have helped me the most.

Now, provigil is sorta like nootropic drugs? Im looking into these "smart drugs". I may try some of them, some of them, seem or claim to be very usefull in depression, social anxiety, ADD. But i would not mix them with perscription meds.

As I told you before, iv been off adderall for 4 days, let me change that, to 3 days. Up until that day, i was very very nervous in stopping adderall. Luckily, i have (20) casules of Ritalin La 30mg's. Even taking Ritalin 2x daily, with some caffiene, is still CANNOT function properly. I feel very unmotivated, tired, Dysphoric, Etc. I thought Ritalin would help me more than how i feel now. And Ritalin can be very powerful to some. Well, it must be that my body does not respond to ritalin, because i could tell a huge difference.
I was going to just take a week to 10 days of , and take nothing, but there is no way i could have done this. I could imagine how i would feel, without anything. I probably would be sleeping for 5 days. Then have no energy for 5 more. I cant afford to lay in bed. And taking ephedrine, which is amphetamine like, just depeletes more dopamine, and i will not profit much when i start adderall again. At least with ritalin, it acts different on dopamine and NE than amphetamines. So, it basically is keeping me slightly above water, so im not "withdrawling" from adderall, and experiencing terrible dysphoria and what not.

I do give credit to chemist, he seems to know alot. I try and read , as much as i can, but maily I reseach natrual or supplements due to the fact Im in the supplement business. But its good to know about drugs, due to interaction with supplements. There are alot of smart people on this board. I learn 10x more on this board than i do from any doctor. Without spending 100-200 dollars for 5 minutesLOL

Take my information as you may, but everyone responds different in relation to drugs. So just because I take high doses, doesnt mean you need this much or you wont respond to it or you will need or will not need xanax . But you may just experience some effects that another person does, and thenyou can relate to them.

Another question i have for anyone who is familiar with amphetamines. As i stated, I was on such a high dose of adderall , 3x daily. Now im taking Ritalin 30mg 2x daily. What is your opinion on doing this. I needed a break from adderall, and ritalin is just for elimanting any withdrawls, but will i still get some of my tolerance back from adderall when i restart it , say in one week from now? Is one week to 10 days enought of a break? I only have about 7 days of ritalin left. THen, I would have to take ephedrine or just cold turkey it, becauase i dont get a refill until sept 6th.

Thank you
Mind Reseach.




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