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Re: Thank You Shy! Dave Hammond

Posted by luther on January 31, 2004, at 7:20:03

In reply to Thank You Shy!, posted by Dave Hammond on January 11, 2004, at 10:32:18

> Shy, you stick with this now. Have your Pharmacist find out where Link is and who distributes their product. It should allow you to start living a much better life again, which is exactly what I hope happens for you, because I remember the pain and agony I suffered until I finally found Nardil.
> As for me, the story remains problematical. If the ingredients in Link's Nardil are close enough to the original 1959 Lake Pharmaceutical specifications (there should be about 15 of them in it) then I'll fly to Australia to get my prescriptions filled. Perhaps later I could work something else out that is more convenient.
> However, if they are closer to the "new" Nardil that Pfizer now makes (9 ingredients only -- only 3 of which are the same as the old formula), then it will not help me for the same reason the "new" Nardil doesn't. My body cannot take have that high a concentration of Phenelzine in my blood stream without it causing me serious trouble.
> Now, this might actually be a hybrid of these two,
> in which case I'll simply have to try it to see how my body metabolizes it. Yes, I could clobber Pfizer for changing this, but they did and they are not going to change it back.
> So, while you have your pharmacist on the telephone, please have him/her find out what the "inactive ingredients" are in Link's Nardil and then we will have some idea of what it really is. Just make sure they do it, because in America everything is becoming so depersonalized, that one can barely get a word out of one's pharmacist these days.
> Still, it is the inactive ingredients that finally determine how any drug is metabolized and that is the key.
> But believe me, people can and do bail out of these fora the once they start feeling better, because everything is all right for them again. And that is a perfectly natural act to commit -- one I would also do once I figured this out -- if I ever do, that is. However, now that I have been dealt this setback, I am going to start coming back to the two places I frequent, and see how people are doing, so I can help them if that's possible. Because there is nothing worse than not getting any help when one genuinely needs it.
> Shy, I cannot adequately express to you how grateful I would be if you would follow up on your promise to assist me. I mean I truly would not know what to say, but I would most assuredly be elated. That much I promise. And if there is anything that I can help you with all you have to do is ask me, and I will do my very best to help you too!
> An overly verbose,
> Dave

Hello Dave,
I'm sorry you are still suffering like the rest of us, it really sucks to put it mildly. I replied to you once before and didn't you say you were taking 37 & 1/2 mg. of Nardil? This is a very low dose and I remember you said you were taking something along with it, possibly a Tricyclic? Nardil comes in 15 mg. tablets, how do you take 37 & 1/2 mg? Did you get it mixed up with your other med? What have you been diagnosed with, I'm not saying I know more than all the doctors, just most of them. I did graduate from Ball State University and had to diagnose myself as my doctor was incapable of doing so. Then after I found the medications that would work for my Atypical Depression, Social Anxiety Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder she was reluctant to write the prescriptions. Only after I threatened to see someone else did she give in, $$$. Now I have nothing that works, Nardil was changed by Pfizer for the worst, read my new posting. We need to take some of the old and some of the new to an independent lab and have the stuff analyzed. If it really it different we need to all get together and file a Class Action Law Suit! It doesn't matter if the FDA approved it or not, they are not above the law either. The only people above the law is Budweiser Bush Skywalker and all his Texas friends and Enron-WorldCom buddies. Did you know Tipper Gore has been treated for depression most of her life? Guess what med? Nardil, you got it. Is Martha Stewart as bad as the Enron guys that stold all the employee's savings, hell no? She did contribute a large amount of money to the Gore campaign though. Enough about all that, a few different votes in Florida and we wouldn't even be dealing with this, I promise. We can't change the past though, so we must work like hell on the future and make Pfizer pay. I'm just not so sure what they have done is by accident. They are greedy and want to make more money, but if something doesn't work how can they do that? Something is in the wind, I just can't put the pieces together, like the JFK assination, which I consider myself to be an expert. Take Care! Hope I can be of some help.




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