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Re: Newbie, Majour Depression, doc woes, Celexa... lady fever

Posted by jane d on March 17, 2003, at 12:31:05

In reply to Re: Newbie, Majour Depression, doc woes, Celexa..., posted by lady fever on March 16, 2003, at 0:47:01

Hi lady fever,
I'm glad to see you're feeling better. I just wanted to add my voice to all the others who know exactly what you were going through.

> --acknowledgement by other people who have been through depression that it CAN be debilitating, that I'm not crazy or irresponsible or losing my mind totally, and that what I'm experiencing has been experienced by other depressed people?

Everything you posted reminded me of myself except that while I was in the middle of it I could never have found the words to explain what was happening. For years I thought I was the only person whose housekeeping was so bad that I'd hand the phone through the window to a neighbor with an emergency before I let them set foot inside. And there have been times when getting to a doctors appointment was my only accomplishment for the week.

> --understanding the side effects of Celexa that I'm having, through the experiences of others(I tried google searching without luck, and also the archives, without much luck).

You may want to try a more general search. The side effects of any of the SSRI's such as Celexa are the side effects of the whole class. I'm sure I've seen side effects like yours described with drugs like Prozac for instance. If you search on both SSRI in general and on the specific drugs - Prozac, Paxil, Luvox, Zoloft, etc. I'm sure you'll find more information.

> --figuring out what to do when you're on long-term physically dependent psychotropic medication that is suddenly stopped, eg. whom do I call? What are my options? What would other people do if they were suddenly dropped and could not seem to find another prescribing doctor who did not have months of wait time (there are only 6 psychiatrists on my insurance policy for a county of +1 million people, and about 10 general practitioners, when you call their answering machines, it says they are not accepting any new patients, and they won't return your calls)?

I've never had to go through this myself and hope I never do. Can you contact the insurance company and demand that either they provide someone or they reimburse you for seeing a non HMO doctor? Can you have someone else, family or a good friend, call them for you? Other people can often be more aggressive on your behalf than you can be for yourself. Or could someone try to call your former doctor and find out why he isn't seeing you. It might have nothing to do with your missing appointments. He might be having a dispute with your HMO over fees for example, although if that is the case I doubt he will say so. Finally, many people who post here choose to see private psychiatrists even though they have HMO coverage. I do that. It is expensive but I feel I can't afford not to. Is there any chance you could borrow some money for a private doctor from your family? It really is an investment in getting you back to earning money just as going to school is an investment.





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