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Re: psychopharm consultation -Mclean Elizabeth

Posted by Chloe on December 18, 2001, at 19:07:15

In reply to Re: psychopharm consultation -Mclean Chloe, posted by Elizabeth on December 17, 2001, at 23:47:23

> > I don't know any of those people. But John Gunderson, who is a specialist in BPD, is at McLean, and I imagine he would be able to see you for a consultation or refer you to someone who'd be good to see if what you're interested in specifically is psychopharm issues relating to BPD (I don't think he's very psychopharm-oriented himself).

I am all too familar with the illustrious Dr. Gunderson. And no, he is not med oriented. His treatment approach is to see how enraged he can get a patient. An out of control angry patient is progress to him. Unfortunately, I know first hand. He was my evaluator at a treatment conference when I was a patient at Mclean when it was in it's hayday many many years ago. He was extremely rude, unkind and not a patient advocate. It's amazing that he is working with BPD's.

Anyway, Mclean is just a shell of what it was once was. The rolling hills and gorgeous brick buildings on the campus are mostly over grown and vacant. My unit is long closed and boarded up. Most buildings are converted to halfway and quarterway houses. No one has insurance to pay for long term impatient care anymore...Including me, anymore! I digress. I have no ties to Mclean anymore. So I am just getting referals from my therapist who is just making cold inquiries.

> > As for the cost, psych consults are expensive. I would expect to pay about the same at Columbia or Chicago.

I canceled my appointment for tomorrow. I can't pay $250 dollars for one session. Since I know even the smartest guy could put back on track after just one session. I have never beeen a quick fix. I need someone who can take insurance.
> > So, you can't tolerate *any* mood stabilizers? There are so many of them, that's surprising. Which ones have you tried?

I am very med sensitive. I only need small doses of things, since I am a small person, about #105.

I am tolerating a small amount of neurontin ok. But if I go above 400 mgs, I get increased scalp pain which is very uncomfortable. BUT this amount is doing nothing to help with my cylcing!

Tegretol (AC)-heartburn, constipation, bad taste, headache, unsteadiness, fluish, blah, unhappy

Trileptal (AC)-dry painful, burning skin/scalp, photosensitivity reaction, interrupted sleep

Topomax (AC)-eczema, painful skin and hair, extreme anxiety and angst

Lamictal (AC)-headache, insomnia, edginess, activation, actinic rash

Neurontin (AC)-pleasant tiredness, transient heartburn, mild dry skin, scalp pain over 400 mgs.

Depakote (AC)-hair loss, blah feeling, wierd dreams-This one is probably the most benign of the group, except for the hair thing of course :(

Lithium- great AD and stablization response. But, I get an INTENSE burning scalp and dry hair aftere a few weeks. The pain becomes so sharp it hurts to lie on a pillow. Even at just 300 mgs.

This is probably more information than you wanted! But I am very revved at the moment. Oh, and does Klonopin have any mood stab. qualities? I have never tried that. my pdoc is a real adovocate of valium for some reason...I take about 10 mgs a day. I wonder if K would be more stabilizing???
Thanks for listening. Any thoughts?




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