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Re: And?

Posted by arabella on May 21, 2001, at 2:11:32

In reply to And?, posted by Racer on December 17, 1999, at 14:11:49

I am definately a woman and thought anorgasmia was the term for Womens'
sexual dysfunction and the term for mens'
was erectile dysfnction or (horrors to have to say it) Impotence.
I have been on not only seratonin reuptake inhibitors but also neurontin to treat my bi-polar disorder and narcotic pain medication to treat my fibromyalgia - an entirely new thread - all of which can cause anorgasmia. I've been dealing with this on and off for like 4 years out of the 8 years I've been with the same partner with whom I am not only almost
absolutely sure I'll have an orgasm, but Multiple orgasms. Here's the hitch - it only occurs when I'm med free, take a medication "vacation" (and am not curently taking any sris, namely Zoloft which seems to have a half-life of like, a million years) for the day - not exactly
your most spontanious experience, or am on
welbutrin AND take the day off from that. The only things I can take are my Klonopin in the morning (1mg.) and very low doses of oxycontin, a "cure" that sometimes, by the time we're ready to go to bed, has caused me so much physical pain and fatigue, or put me in such a bad mood, or my sex drive has been so low one day isn't going to boost it, and therefore, I've had a very frustrating sex life which has left me angry at the pharmaceutical companies, researchers, psychiatrists and even my botfriend who is just as upset about my inability to come as I am.

Sorry to ramble but all my life I have felt that sex, intimacy and the sheer other-world experience of acheiving orgasm/s with someone you love are a vital part of life. When that dries up, my level of creativity dries up, I become more moody and full of self loathing and if that isn't exactly like depression what is?

What's so good about feeling good even though your life isn't really any better - it's just that antidepressants make it easier to put the blinders on and say la, la, this isn't going to affect me the way it used to and by the way Dr., uh, I just happened to realize that nothing affects me the way it used to. I'm just in this "Zone" of being pleased with mediocrity, dissatisfaction and not living life to its fullest because, hey, where I am isn't so bad - these pills really do the trick. At lwaest I can get out of bed.

But even on all these meds, I'm so angry at the dulling of my most acute senses, the feeling of being almost almost almost there but the synapses just aren't firing and when after sex, I roll over and want to cry, what is that? Is that a good thing? That IS depression
and Doctors don't understand that it's not just about not getting off. There's a certain just getting by, deadend feeling. I don't even want to eat any more. Technically, I'm anorexic but it's out of sheer lack of appetite or interest in food rather than body image problems. So I eat to survive. The same things night after night. Cheese or peanut butter sandwiches.

Is this right?

Guys, I don't know how many women out there have ever even really had an orgasm or have and can't anymore because they're on meds, but believe me it's important for women too!
and anorgasmia is like a joke to Doctors.
I've had suicidal moments because the sheer inability to share the most intimate thing a person can share with another (and talk about 30 minutes? I've masturbated for like an hour and I just get tired and want to cry because I can't even make myself come) , especially when you're in love, and still attracted and even want to have a kid - that's not funny to me.

My doctor told me a long time ago that none of the antidotes really work except for Viagra but the FDA won't approve it for women. Why not?
My mind is willing, my body even gets almost there, but I just can't break through. After several months of bot having an orgasm, I'd love to take viagra, even if I grew some hair on my back ( I make animal noises anyway so
what of it?).

Anyway guys, you're not alone. and I really feel bad for you. But the way the situation is treated when a woman is involved is like, well, sorry. Most doctors won't even bother to try other meds because< "well, the Zoloft works. We know it worrks and you're not feeling very good. When you're feeling better, maybe we can stop it".

Sorry Doc, but ain't gonna feel better till I come
a few times.

And to whoever that/those women out there
who are having a good old time listening to this and making snide remarks,
go jerk yourselves off. You probably wouldn't know a real orgasm if it came up and bit you on the ass.
I know I'm breaking netiquite, but really, this is no laughing matter. The older I get the more I see - people shame themselves. Without any help from others.




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