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Re: Sincere apologies. It IS rough.

Posted by cole on May 23, 2001, at 15:52:20

In reply to Sincere apologies. It IS rough., posted by arabella on May 22, 2001, at 0:21:08

I have a few ideas, having taken zoloft in the past. The main reason I decided to look for new meds was because of the anorgasmia, but I found that the zoloft was causing more problems than I thought (I realized this once I was off of the stuff). It makes me agitated, volatile, and worsens my insommnia. I had begun taking it at such an early age, I thought that the anorgasmia was my own physical problem, and was amazed when I went off of it that I was able to climax. When I read your post, I started wondering if it isn't causing more problems than you think. Maybe there is a more effective med out there for you? Remeron has been great for my depression, it helps me sleep, and though it decreases my sex drive some, I have no trouble with anorgasmia now.

> It's so wierd. my mother thinks I'm a nymphomaniac simply because I really enjoy sex. It's a generation gap thing or something.

The zoloft made me hypersexual, but I too couldn't climax, so I was chasing the dragon, so to speak. I am less sexually aggressive now, but I enjoy sex more.

> Anyway. It is rough. It's rough when I want to
> break up with my partner off 8 years because we're both so unhappy. There are other isssues but this one has a red flag next to it.
> It's rough when I go out and compulsively spend money I don't have or blow up at
> a complete stranger every once in a while
> especially at the health food store when the service is lousy and in there are 3 shelves devoted to herbal and vitamin formulas
> to increase male potencey and "stamina" and sex drive and like half a shelf made up mostly of soy products to help women with their
> periods or menopausal symptoms.

I don't necessarily think you can blame all of this on the anorgasmia, but I can totally see where you are coming from. It really is frustrating.

> It's rough when I stay up half tthe night after making love because I'm still unsatisfied and
> my partner is asleep and I get up and read or write just to push the feelings months of this
> have produced - a plethora of feelings, too numerous to name. And when they're that numerous, they're hard to untangle and we carry the threads with us everywhere we go.
> So how can these antidepressants be said to be "working" when the side effects are so devastating?
> It isn't fair.
> Can my doctor really prescribe viagra for me?
> would that be bending the rules - or even breaking them? He once told me he couldn't prescribe it precisely because it wasn't FDA approved for women.
> I'm seeing him at 11:00 so I'd better get some sleep. It was good to read all the comments
> and feel the sensitivity in the mean's postings.
> It's good to know there are men out there who are unhappy with the sexual side effects of certain drugs because they really want to make love - not just be able to "perform".

> Boy am I going to be insistant when I see my doctor tommorrow. I just can't make these kinds of trade offs anymore. I'm 40 years old, still youthful and in good shape (despite my chronic pain condition ) and even after 8 +
> years I still love sex with my partner, still find him incredibly attractive and still have those cravings, get "you know" - "randy" is the most delicate way I can think of saying it right now - though threre have been times when my sex drive was non-existant.
> I don't want to wait any longer. Why don't the peeople who come up with these drugs hear our cries? Men AND woman need a healthy
> sense off thier own sexuality. Sexual dysfunction distorts that and in doing so, distorts other parts the individuals psyche,
> physicality and ultimately personality and overall mental health.

I think this is where we have to advocate for ourselves. Find a new pdoc if the current one isn't listening to your needs. My old pdoc kept me on zoloft for 7 yrs because it had lifted my depression at one time, and she didn't want to take the time to try out new meds, even though I was realizing that the zoloft had begun to make me feel worse in many ways. When I found my new doc I came in with the idea that I was not willing to take SSRI's any longer, and we were able to eventually find a solution.





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