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Re: switching therapists, part 2

Posted by DL on May 28, 1999, at 22:22:00

In reply to Re: switching therapists, part 2, posted by Toby on May 28, 1999, at 12:33:04

> I hope you have had more sessions since that one. It's best usually to have at least one session per week for the first month of so, especially for an extensive trauma history so that all the "flashcards" can be dealt with and don't just get recycled.

Session one: get to know each other and decide if this will work out--some of my hx--etc.
Session two: the EMDR session I talked about
Session three: a talk session where I learned alot about me and decided to try EMDR again.
Session four: EMDR put off as therapist explained about leaving and what would be best: for me to move on to someone else now so I won't have to go through my story etc over again, or to stay with her knowing she will be in and out and then leave after Fall semester. Some talk about who I might transition to and perhaps getting a new psychiatrist to review meds. Remeron seems to be a little less effective, or perhaps it's just me or longer daylight. I have been usually going to sleep OK, but waking up more at night with that racy feeling and waking up early (5 AM) and not really getting back to sleep. Then I'm feeling the effects in the day at work. But still nothing like before Remeron. Weight gain has pretty much stopped, but can't seem to lose it no matter what. And, I'm doing OK, but some pretty low times showing up and it's not so easy to haul myself out of them. Perhaps work environment is an issue or whatever.
Session 5--to be this coming Thurs 6-3 at 5PM--EMDR. These are every other week, so EMDR has not been close or intense. She only sees people on Tue and Thurs since she taught on the other days and also mentors another therapist. perhaps now college is out she will have more time.

> Advise about switching therapists: if it is feasible to continue seeing her often enough to keep the memories flowing and work on them (so you aren't stuck with them just recircultating around in your head for weeks at a time) I would say stay with her until she completely moves (especially since she will be around in the fall, that may be enough time to complete your treatment in totality). The thing about EMDR is to resolve things quickly so that you don't need to stay in therapy for such a long time.

Wish I could have intensive tx but so far with her it hasn't worked out. Any suggestions? Any suggestions for next session?

>she may be willing to teach you the self-EMDR technique (don't worry about that now) and there are even a few audio tapes available now that can be used as relaxation tapes (they have some music on them while a therapist talks) but can be used to concentrate on issues and resolve them (they also have bilateral clicks that substitute for the eye movements).

Sound interesting....
> More questions? Ask away.

So, I have only had one EMDR session. She said she knows of one psychologist nearby who is excellent--many therapists go to him--but he does not take insurance and is expensive. His name is Mark Moses (Portsmouth). I sent her the EMDR list I had but she did know that some of the people I remembered from it do not actually use EMDR even though they were trained.

--I went through old photo albums from my past and pulled out pictures to take in and show her. My sisters and I were never smiling and I could see a real stubborness in my face behind the sadness--in at least the really young pictures. Too bad you can't see them--she said it was helpful to see them--quite a story in those faces.

--Don't know what to do about therapist. I am afraid to move to someone new who might not turn out to be as good a match. But, I think closer sessions would be better. And, the person she knows who sounds like she would be the best match does not do EMDR...

--Comments on whatever?? Thanks for coming back. Thanks thanks thanks for being there. Think I'll make it out of this and find some color and reality in life?? Or is it hopeless?

--Any suggestions about meds?





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