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Posted by DL on January 7, 1999, at 21:06:00

In reply to Re: Meds and such, posted by Toby on January 6, 1999, at 16:22:42

I stopped the Remeron increase after those 2 nights and sleep is returning to previous Remeron status.....I was just too afraid of the unknown results with no one for support at home.

Disappointment: I had my med check appt. today. The Dr. said:
1. Increase in Remeron won't affect the appetite. He would not increase script.
2. Nixed Cylert or Fastin etc.
3. I explained the Remeron problem and asked if he would call the ins. co. or write an appeal. He just said it wouldn't do any good. He said I could write them a letter and complain. When I pressed him he said he would call if I find out the proper person to talk to and call it in to him. so far I have had little luck even trying to find out my ID #!
4. He asked how my life was going, if I still had the job. He then said to come back in 3 months and gave me a script for 30mg Remeron since the other had no refils.

I felt like the $50 per med check (perhaps 10 min) could have been saved and I could have skipped it and called the secretary for a script......

I alternate between feeling insensed that this doctor just does not consider my less earth shaking problems on par with the dramatic intensive care cases he may see.......and wondering if I am just a complainer who should grit my teeth and bare it, or wait it out or just accept what life is giving me now and be satisfied.--after all, that's what I have done most of my life and perhaps that is the ceiling of living for me.......

I want to stand on a chair in the waiting room and yell.......why won't you listen? I'm important too! Can't you just interview me carefully and sit down and figure out the mystery here?
And I want to stomp on the phone when the ins. co. puts me on hold for 15 min. while I'm at work. And I can't call from home since they close down at 4PM. Then they can't find my info and I'm not sure if I'm covered at all. If they all have samples, how come I never was offered any even when I tried all those meds? Or when the Remeron problem came up? Am I just too acquiescent? Too passive? Low self esteem? I don't know. I think you once said everyone deserves a listener...........

I am just so tired of calling and writing. With the divorce, house sale, new life, new job, new med, and a cold look at no retirement funds and no emergency funds and etc. I am so tired. I am in the middle of trying to get a QDRO written (divides a small retirement fund I had through husband pre-divorce). He refuses to help in any way and is putting up road blocks...So tired.

> You might want to call Dr. Longpre and get a feel for him and whether you feel comfortable talking to him before deciding between him and Dr. Altman. , but you are wanting, I think, to kind of go ahead and get it over with).

Yes, I would. But I am still afraid of ending up with someone who will not be helpful and not know it till too late....I feel like I am dragging under.
I will try to find a private time to call. Dr. Longpre and Poire's office called and left me a message at work today asking if I was still interested. But, of the people I have asked who have therapy, no one has heard of their practice. (not that i asked all that many..). Only comment I have heard about the other one (Altman) is that he is kindly and gentle (not necessarily a testimonial to his expertise)

Boy, what a pain I am, huh? Why am I not content to just hang on, like I always was before during the battering, tossing, drowning storm of my life? It's like a tug o war--I want more but I can't get there.




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