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Re: Sleep

Posted by DL on January 5, 1999, at 23:45:51

In reply to Re: Sleep, posted by Toby on January 5, 1999, at 16:28:19

> Cylert is a stimulant, but it is a long acting, slow release kind of stimulant-- I use it for augmenting antidepressants when other things don't work and also to reverse the side effect of some antidepressants, which is the flat, no energy side effect.

I guess I just have that fear of taking anything like those other AD's because they so intensified the hyper state I was already in. THere I was looking for something to make me feel better, and they gave me something to make me feel much worse! ...

THe therapist I saw (before the insurance change) had a theory that people like me who were using so much energy to fuel their hyper state and anxiety, gain weight when they finally find something to help them sleep and calm down--just because they are burning less calories!

> The appetite stimulant I was thinking of is Fastin. It is a weak, long acting stimulant that many of the depression gurus are fond of adding to other antidepressants. I have never seen it make anyone jittery. At any rate, both the Fastin and the Cylert are once a day meds (morning dose) and don't disrupt sleep (because they are given in the morning).

Would this also be true of someone who took Paxil in the morning and felt plugged into an electric outlet all the time?--- I will bring this info to appt on Thurs afternoon and present it to MD. I think he sees so many pts that if he sees I have improved some on Remeron he won't see a reason to do anything else.

UPDATE: I decided not to continue the increased Remeron experiment last night--I just took the 30mg. I went back to the wake up a lot type of sleep, but the terrible aggitated/reved up feeling was gone. We'll see what happens tonight.

> By the way, just curious... What's the name of the therapist you had talked to about EMDR that we talked about? I thought I might recognize the name and see if I had any other knowledge about whether he'd be good to go ahead and see so you wouldn't have to worry with checking the others first.

1. First one to respond to me was Roger Poire. He was listed in the first EMDR list I got about a year ago--as an instructor. All the others on the more recent list were Level II. He is at Atlantic Behavioral Medicine in Dover, NH. He is the one who apparently has taught many of the EMDR people in NH and said he directed some of the trauma care at the Oklahoma bombing. He sounded very nice but said he does not do insurance any more. So I could call him and pay for sessions on my own... He also works with Ronald Longpre who does take insurance and was trained by Poire. I did not speak to Mr. Longpre but could call.

2. Bruce Altman, Psy.D. also called (Associates for Cognitive Thereapy) Portsmouth NH. He does take insurance. He was the one who stressed that he was not sure that EMDR would be right for me--that he would have to interview me to see if he felt it was appropriate. He did not say how experienced he was with EMDR or if he uses it much.

3. Judy Wilber Alberson (Master Social Work)--Portsmouth-- responded via voice mail that she does do EMDR but wasn't sure exactly what I was looking for. She was going on vacation till mid-Jan and said she was quite busy but that I was welcome to call when she was back.

4. Mark Moses PhD also left message that he was currently using EMDR and worked a lot with family issues and relationships. But he did not take health insurance either. He is in Portsmouth NH

The other 3 did not respond at all.

Called insurance co. They do not have me in their computers yet, but I am told at work that I was submitted and am on their list as covered from 1/1 on. Their behavioral med (mental health) company gave me a number to take in to the Thurs appt so it would be covered (good for 5 medication checks). They also said that when I choose a therapist on the list, they will automatically grant 8 visits. After that anymore would be up to the co. and the therapist. I asked about the REmeron being a "non preferred" med and they said it's status hadn't changed. Therefore I would have to pay $25 per 30 day supply.....unless I wanted to switch to Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft ($10) or a TCA ($3). Who makes these decisions? I'm pretty sure Remeron costs less than Prozac.

Any input greatly appreciated.!--
Any screening of above people would be so helpful
Or what to say to MD on Thrus?

WHat did you tell me once before about how to go about fighting managed care policies-about the Remeron?

Good night--I bow to your persistent giving...




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