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Thread Police here's one for You

Posted by susan47 on August 9, 2009, at 15:37:46

....used without psychosis an excuse for getting away with things that i wouldn't normally do, but that are so important when i'm on the edge like this ... driving me further, perhaps, i just don't know anymore ... the book I am about to quote from is "smashed" by Koren Zailckas

and I will re-read this book and give it to my daughter and talk to her school and try and get this Koren to visit my daughter's school and possibly all the high schools in her community .. I hope she can make it. This is Important Stuff.
Zailckas perfectly describes
self-destructive thoughts
self-destructive behaviours
the entrapment, the pure unmitigated entrapment of alcohol.
She could just as well be talking about any psychotropic drug
legal or not.

This is important stuff. This is vital to our young. The ones we bore, the ones we love, the ones we cared for and will always care for, and about. We need to help them avoid the pitfalls of big business, how business targets the young. Example: when my son first entered university, credit card companies started sending him credit applications by the fistful, offering incredible interest rates, no payments nec. for 30 days ... just fill in and sign here ... it's irresponsible. Zailckas talks about cigarette companies coming on-campus and giving away FREE PACKAGES OF CIGARETTES, alcohol reps coming on-campus and getting girls to flash them for a free t-shirt, all kinds of stuff we should know about and do something about.
Of course, I live in Canada, and I honestly don't know if alcohol and cigarette companies do that to our young here, but it doesn't matter. It's really a technicality. Because the fact is, all the Bastards Advertise, and we are the idiots who have given them the information with which to target us. Consumer WHAT? Did you say I could get free stuff by filling in this consumer profile, a marketing study? Oh, sure. no problem. I love free stuff.
To do this, to sell yourself out, to sell out the planet, you are no better than the worst belly-slithering autocrat, diplomat, politician, marketing researcher, lawyer, logger, commercial fisher, land developer, industrial farmer, Monsanto, Monsanto should be f*ck*ng ILLEGAL, are we STUPID?

Most assuredly, the answer is YES.

Will we ever become smarter than this?





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