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Re: Today susan47

Posted by special_k on April 10, 2006, at 22:33:25

In reply to Re: Today special_k, posted by susan47 on April 10, 2006, at 13:50:54

> Not my kind of thing...

yeah. people tend to either love her or hate her (i think she might be pleased with that). that album... i think it comes across as musically challenged in places... but if you consider it is poetry really it ain't so bad (though a little hard to listen to in places).

i used to be really into her... moving on from that now... jagged little pill was great (i thought). she does the tortured woman thing quite well. when i was pissed off or something it helped to vent along with her lyrics...

> I mean, infatuation is for the birds, it's silly really, but necessary too, for development, for any kind of motion or movement forward, there has to be the motivation and infatuation is a terrific one, a feel-good motivator

hrm. i agree that movement is helpful... but i think there are things other than infatuations that can inspire movement. passions can inspire movement (for example). but infatuation is indeedie a 'feel good' motivator. well... kind of. like p is a 'feel good' motivator. it can feel intensely good... but then it can also feel intensely bad. and the cost of feeding it (the infatuation) is that it will feel intensely bad.

more moderate... is hard.

> .. damn therapists, they're effing experts in that, not all of them maybe but a damn fine number .. how many years, how many clients, how much experience, how much self-knowledge, blahblahblahblibbety blah ..

do you think therapists encourage infatuation?
i agree that (some) encourage transference (believing it to be neccessary for the client to access past issues) or something like that... but then sometimes transference is more of an unintended side effect of a therapy relationship.

i don't know.
i don't know how much you were encouraged...
and how much you wanted to be infatuated
because sometimes the violent emotions help us feel alive...
but fostering the violent loving ones...
tends to get teh violent hating ones coming along...

> Sarah McLaughlin's music is more the way my emotions ran .. I think the types of love she sings about are more the magical type, which is where I love to live, really. In magic .. in magic, hah.

hmm. haven't heard her. but i've heard someone else mention her... as her favourite singer. maybe i should check it out.

you are special too susan oh yes you are :-)




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