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culture of honor

Posted by alexandra_k on April 19, 2022, at 19:21:34

In reply to Re: NZ would like Singapore..., posted by alexandra_k on April 19, 2022, at 19:15:37

we are supposed to believe...

that what is honorable about japanese culture... the reason why they didn't need to imprison japanese officials involved in atrocities around WW2...

was because they fell on their swords.

it wasn't that they got all expenses paid relocation to usa so they could continue engaging in atrocities against the chinese people (or whoever they were engaging in atrocities against with their imprisonment and biological medical experiments on anthrax and the like)..

it was that they made the honorable decision to fall on their swords.

we are supposed to believe that they do all these things for their children...

if their children grow up believing that it is their own birthright and entitltement to do whatever they want whenever they want with complete impunity from any consequences for their actions... if their children grow up believing that everyone is supposed to sacrifice themselves and their own prospects in life for those special children's interests...

how is that good for their children?

that's the creation and production of tyrants. that's a form of child abuse. what kind of person who genuinely cares about the welfare of a child would choose to raise the child so as to be so out of touch with the wider community and what is going on in the world. without any kind of desire to help make things better across the board.

what kind of person does that?

i didn't know what to do, they cry.

and the many people saying what kinds of things could be done while you go 'lalallalalalalala there's a reason i have all the power and all the money and not you lalallalallalala'...



one for the team leadership of nz.




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