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Re: 2030

Posted by alexandra_k on April 19, 2022, at 18:40:57

In reply to 2030, posted by rjlockhart37 on April 18, 2022, at 20:12:55

Hey rj. Thanks for jumping in. I don't really mean for this to be my journal or my blog... But the people went away... I think part of it was that people wanted to feel that they had more control over the things that they post. They wanted to feel that they had the ability to delete their posts or to edit their posts. Maybe there is something about their experience in the USA or England or wherever they are from such that I would feel as they do if I was in that part of the world... I don't know.
But I am glad that you are still here... And that you want to chat with me :)

Things evolve... We liked to study bacteria because they reproduce really quickly which means you can see their evolution quickly. People, or mammals, not so many generations. The technology for us being able to do the genome sequencing on viruses... Is pretty new. The ability to do so many genome sequencing tests on Covid or Covid related viruses is new. So... I don't think we sequenced the hell out of Ebola the way we are sequencing the hell out of Covid. We are also using the term Covid to stand in for anything cold or flu related.. There are a bunch of different virues (not just adenovirus) that are responsible for cold and flu related symptoms. Respiratory syncitial virus... Kawasak syndrome... Etc etc...

It is hard to know how much the virus is evolving vs how much the prevalence of different viruses responsibe for symptoms are altering in relative frequency over time. Etc.

Electric is supposed to be more environmentally friendly than fossil fuels... But the elephant in the room is batteries.. THe resources to make them and how they are disposed of at the end of the day. It pushes the price of those materials. Lithium ion batteries etc.

Also... Problems with electric being less reliable than mechanical.

I mean... Suppose you wanted to keep a password secure. Do you think it is more secure stored in keychain or stored on a post-it note under your desk? It depends where the threat comes from...

Do you think your mechanical vehicle is more reliably likely to take you wehre you want to go when you want to go there... Or a 'self driving' or 'google assisted' vehicle just waiting or wanting to be hacked... It seems to be developments in this direction that have been responsible for hte real push towards electronic... Everything. From ovens to transportation to lights to music to door and security systems...

I forget the term... I used to hang out a bit on T Nation because I leaerned a lot about training. There were people on the boards there who seemed to be genuine keeping helpful training logs who would offer coaching and so on, basically. Feedback. Suggestions. Anyway... There was also an element of people purchasing 'suppliments' etc. I suppose there likely was an aspect or element of that behind the scenes here, too, but I kept away from that... Some of the articles and the tone at T Nation were macho bravado 'b*llsh*t'. But some of it was more... I don't remember the name of it... How to be a good man. Manly something. Sort of good role modelling on what masculinity was. Sensitive and assertive sorts of things. Manning up to work something simple (not easy) and so on. Not the macho bravado b*llsh*t from an insecure place...

Anyway... There was some lamenting of the demasculinisation of what it was to be men. They felt the ideal promoted was distinctly metrosexual. I hear you... ONe aspect said that this was 'beta'. Where the idea/l is that there are 'alpha' males who women want to have sex with when they are ovulating and there are 'beta' males who women want to marry and raise their kids with... Non-treatening...

There is an aspect or element of keeping your head down, I guess. Blending in as 'beta'. MOre or most importantly.... Being perceived as or as being 'beta'.

THe idea/l is that alphas make good... Cannon-fodder. THey are the young uns you chuck out of home early because they are too costly to feed... They live short lives... Dying in high risk activities. They are opportunistic go getters. Burn themselves out. The elite athletes. The grunt soldiers etc.

And the betas are the.. Ministry official being paid hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Being hauled out of retirement even to be paid so very very much money to write judgements... And so on.

The idea/l of the nerdy or geeky or reclusive... 'Beta' who is alpha... Eventually.. Over the long haul... Society is such, now, that people are trained to be... To present as... Non-threatening. Beta. Happy to be beta. Happy to be behind or last... People are putting more work and effort into not trying to present as alpha. First to be led to slaughter. First to have heads on the line. The aim isn't to be the biggest bully in the toddler payground. The ideal lisn't to be a baby shark swimming amongst the fishes...

But partly it is about acceptance of difference. Third gender etc. But partly it is about a segment wanting people to embrace that... Partly there is a segement wanting to raise little boys to identify as being girls because it wants to absue them sexually when they are young. To be sure. Saying they like it and they want it etc etc.

I guess I have been reading some stuff in the NY times about 'cancel culture' etc and I guess.. I wasn't sure... But it helps me to hear you say that you feel that there is more concern about people losing their job and being cut from social networks in the US, as well. it isn't just in my part of the world.

I don't know.

I was concerned about my nephew because he did a 2 year masters in a terminal masters program in the US and he wasn't getting any scholarship phd offers.. After applying for years and years and years.. I was concerned that they never were going to offer him that.

But then they went and did. And he didn't just get one offer he got heaps. Which I guess they can do because he can only take one place. So if one place is offering then they may as well have multiple places offering. Nice for your self esteem after many years of nothing. Maybe also allowing opportunity to feel out supervisors etc. If supervisors have job stability of 5 years rather than tehm aiming to move people so as to force abandonment of the students to prevent and prohibit acknowledging qualification completion because the kid is cannon fodder only.

Careful tongue... Yeah. That's one way of putting it... It is hard to get a feeling or sense of or for things online.

But the general idea seems to be that psychopaths are taking over the world Have taken over the world. So... You are supposed to bide your time looking for your opportunity to be opportunistic and stab int eh back. Suck up and beat down. Keeping of slaves and all that.

I think it likely that NZ will be bombed more extensively in the near future. Because our leadership cannot / will not get with the programme... Too costly... I think our leadership is trying to see about gettin gout and so inflation is through the roof. They aren't even pretending to be paying any of the government workers properly anymore. They won't pay the nurses and the teachers etc. There's ntohing here.




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