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Posted by rjlockhart37 on April 18, 2022, at 20:12:55

i want to jump into these, covid is better now, but still they have 3-4th varient. But it's like - how are these varients being ... are they constructed? because a virus, like ebola does not have new mutations almost every 6 months. This really concerns because a gut feeling i have is that these varients, and even the covid itself was constructed. Disclaimer - this is blog not statement. So now, it's vaccine after another. I read somewhere in one these books, that yes they said there was gonna be a outbreak, but it would disappear. It's a phrophacy book i read about new age times, end times. Many people i know that are in family, or distant family have gotten covid, and just about a month ago, man since i knew childhood, and wellknown in family died. Shocking, this defeintly is called global reset, that means, society before 2020 will not be anymore because we're gonna have to change, and basically be reset. I read somewhere....agenda 2030, i don't know i jsut ran accross it on the internet, who knows what's being planned for 2030. We have 8 more years to see...and also fossil fuels are ... basically after 2030, you will see mostly electric cars, not combustian engine, or where you fill up with gasoline. It's being done, 1 reason, the atmosphere, ridding air of fossel fuels. There are pros and cons to electric cars, they are nice and clean and don't spew out exhaust but there are cons to it. But i'm not a person in position to decide or give input on it. And also, i know this board is read from other countries, but in US fashion, its becoming more female. I went to the post office, there was a guy that had shorts on and a shirt with a flowers all over it. I said, this is this new age, if that person wore that 20 years ago, would be a laughed at, and defeintkly would look very strage. It's becoming more ... female, less masculinity, you don't see tough guys clothes anymore. It's not common anymore, its still here, but it's not mainstream. And - the big main thing that is red alert buttonm, do not offend people or post things that would get your fired, and cut ties with. Many people have spoke their minds, and they lost their job, got cut from networks. Having a careful tongue today is much needed. Freedom of speech has downgraded, you cannot say certain things without harsh consequences, that 10-30 years ago, people would just blow it off as a joke. Look at all this, careful tongue is much needed to be learned. The old ways of freedom of speech, its not here anymore. I don't know what these days are come too....more regulation, and one thing that is benefical today, that was not decades ago, is the internet, social networks and platform have soured and gotten people connected, that defeintly is totally better than 20 years ago when they didnt exist. I'm defeintly glad about social media, because it gives you a voice, that people in the past didnt have. But learning to have a careful tongue, is very much needed. Ok, not sure what's gonna happen after 2030, there's some agenda that's already planned. Hopefully babble will be here in 2030, we still can talk to eachother on a 1990s internet form database. What this world is coming to, is regulation and more survalliance from all these shootings and bad events happening with people going crazy. That's all i hve to say, cross fingers this will remain anonymous lol

"There comes a time in your life where you have to choose to turn the page, write another book, or simply close it"
-Shannon L Alder




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