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Re: the day ashley bloomfield suspended parliament

Posted by alexandra_k on August 22, 2021, at 23:47:53

In reply to the day ashley bloomfield suspended parliament, posted by alexandra_k on August 22, 2021, at 23:33:52

i think the supermarkets are doing funny (strange) things with stock rotation.

clearly we are not going to run out of food. a country that produced enough to feed 4 million. and then the shipping lines were interfered with etc.. people didn't want to import our food anymore.

but there not being enough has never been the problem, in new zealand. it always was about distribution.

more particularly about various people throwing their weight around forcing various things to be the way they wanted them to be because that is their pathology...

and inflicting upon others conditions of withholding and deprivation.

just because they could.

new zealand stores have always had this stupid way of doing prices.

the 'ordinary everyday prices' are so out of proportion... so overblown... they basically didn't want to move that stock. that stock that just a place-holder on the shelves. a display, really. for stock they didn't want or expect to move.

a lot of the 'premium product' stuff was like that. i mean... things... 3 or 4 times as much as they are on relatively regular sales. the sales time of year is the only time of year that anybody... from here... would make those kinds of purchases. because of knowing that that is how that works.

i am talking about things like... $500 +++ feather and down duvets... You clearly wait for the 20 per cent off or 30 per cent off sale. Maybe wait a couple years to see what sales they offer 2 or 3 x per year. whether that item gets to 50 per cent off.

so there is things like toilet paper for $8 on the shelves. where usually you can get similar as that for $6. or a certain sort of hand sanitiser in a tiny bottle for $8. where usually you can get similar as that for $3.

that kind of a thing.

so what happens with the 'price inflation' is that they are just slow to stock the shelves with the cheaper or regular items that people usually do purchase. the stock that usually flows through. the premium overpriced speciality items that are only there to... i don't know... give us the illusion that we have more optoins or choices... i don't know... the supermarkets are (i think) being a bit slow to re-stock the shelves because they are hoping or relying or... forcing... people to buy up some of those grossly overpriced for no reason premium sorts or types of items.

last year wiht the lockdown the supermarkets were saying they weren't inflating the prices.... but the selection of the range of items had been reduced so people were choosing options they wouldn't normally choose when the only items they could select from where the items that were normally at those higher prices.

i guess that's the plan they had, all along. they stocked 1 or 2 of them solely for the purposes of defending or guarding against price inflation.

how would you prooooooove it ahahahhahahahah.

well... a reasonably intelligent judge would balanace the evidence and find in the interests of natural justice.

this country no work-y.




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