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the day ashley bloomfield suspended parliament

Posted by alexandra_k on August 22, 2021, at 23:33:52

parliament can't hold parliament over zoom.

the opposition said before the vote (therefore no point having one?) aka... early polling (haha) suggested that parliament wasn't going to vote to close parliament.. so since... jacinda ardern didn't think that parliament would vote in the way she wanted... ashley bloomfield will use his power to decide without a parliamentary vote that parliament is to be suspended.

so parliament is suspended. on instructions from ashley bloomfield. at jacinda arderns request. because she didn't like what parliament would have voted if she had have put it to the vote.

seems legit.


apparently our first afganastan...



sent from australia...

are arriving today.

just as well, i think. our quarantine facilities would have been loney without any new people coming in.

last i heard they were wanting to not release the people they had got.

because no new ones were coming in.

so they weren't going to release the people they had got.

they wanted them to start their quarantine over, or something.

when the law said they were allowed to hold them up to 28 days and they were required to let them go if they returned negative tests on day x and day y.

the government was... saying... well... we will just keep them.

and what are you going to do about it?

well... the agfhani troops are arriving. today. the first of them.

from australia.

or something.

and parliament in nzl has been suspended.

or something.

and they seem to be progressively closing the supermarkets now.

they are saying that they are 'locations of interest' which means that the staff are required to stay home and isolate for 12 or 14 days or whatever. which means they can't go to work.

which means we can't staff the supermarket.

i don't think it will be long, now, before it isn't safe to walk the streets.




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