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well if you don't want to.. we will just force you

Posted by alexandra_k on July 9, 2021, at 19:37:26

In reply to Re: the government waived manufacturer liability, posted by alexandra_k on July 9, 2021, at 19:28:44

force me to what?

to tell everyone quite clearly what a corrupt person you are. was that the aim? was that the goal? was that the plan?

if so then well done.

half a million for you.
half a million for you.
half a million for you each and every year.
for ensuring your job is not done.
for ensuring your job is not done by you.
for ensuring your job is not done by anyone.
well done.
well done you.

may as well have had their frontal lobes gouged out.

'if you think that of us then we are justified in treating you like garbage'

do your job
do your job
do your job

or give all the money back and get out of the f*ck*ng way. because there are competent people in new zealand who you keep as slaves because you are not capable of doing it and you know it. and you can't believe your luck of how you got to be in this position where you can hold back and prevent and obstruct and prohibit and prevent development for your own short term personal profits.

f*ck*ng well done you.

are you proud?

when you are the only one left standing and everything nuked all around you.

all the people fled or killed themselves to get away from you.

half a million for you
half a million for you
ALL the houses for you
ALL the jobs for you
every single job
ALL the titles
ALL the kudos

people just sit around all day singing your praises.

ALL the things for you. you you you.
ALL the organs fo ryou
All teh vaccines.
Everything for you.
YOu you you you you you you you you.

F*ck*ng yay you.
Good job!!!!

F*ck*ng psychopaths.




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