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the government waived manufacturer liability

Posted by alexandra_k on July 9, 2021, at 19:19:36

so the general practitioners hoarded the flu vaccines. apparently. they were never able to distribute all the doses they had. but (i don't think there were) any people who wanted a flu vaccine who didn't get one. but then i don't think they exactly provided information to people as to why they might want one.

so the general practitioners have been left out of covid vaccine supply chain. instead the ministry hand-picked people to be part of that. you know how it goes. gave applications to some people. chose from there which of them would get to do it. most importantly chose ones who wouldn't say 'boo' about giving the first doses to members of the board and their families. etc. didn't question the triage system.

and apparently there are thousands of applications from new zealanders who they have refused to process. apparently gps really are locked out. that is to say some of the gps have been locked out. which is probably unfair. becuase i imagine that some of the gps would actually be doing well by their people and shouldn't have been locked out.

but they have focused their efforts on recruitment from overseas. i guess because they've found all the corrupt people or corruptable people or people who can mask their faces well enough to go all blank and compliant... in the 'nazi soldier following orders' kind of a way... i mean they prefer the triumphant... but if they can't get people who are triumphant about the situation they can at least pick ones who are properly compliant about the situation...

they seem to have exhausted those... so now they are recruiting from overseas. they want the ones from overseas who will arrange for the quarantine system to be hacked or spam botted so they get a place in priority over people who don't or won't pay for someone to do that for them or who won't put their computer skills to work doing that.


they are required to enrol me.
they are required to allow me to work to international standards of scholarship.
they are required to sign off on all and only pepole who have completed the requirements for the degree (to international standards)


they are required to be shut down.


why is EVERYTHING in this country SOOOOOOO F*CK*NG HARD.

cry cry cry cry cry for food
cry cry cry cry cry for housing

oh yeah

it's because they can't get it up unless you cry




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