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Re: the government waived manufacturer liability

Posted by alexandra_k on July 9, 2021, at 19:28:44

In reply to the government waived manufacturer liability, posted by alexandra_k on July 9, 2021, at 19:19:36

as soon as the FDA or whoever says a 3rd dose of vaccine is approved and that a 3rd dose of vaccine will improve immunity then the NZ vaccine roll out will halt because they will start hoarding again.

they may start trying to sell doses back to the US...


they have the idea, now, of anesthetising people on ventillators (for their own good, obviously) to induce the long-Covid...

i mean why wouldn't you if you could get away with it?

if you had to pick a place to go where you would get away with it...

well, i hear they are recruiting in nz.

they gave a bunch of people (deserters) from overseas special places in quarantine... to immigrate here during the pandemic.

they made them leave tehir families overseas...

detention camp for sure.

they have managed to attract people to come here for all the right reasons -- if the goal was for this to be a jail or detention camp island for all the pedophiles and so on of the world.

if that was the goal they couldn't have done much of a better job of it.

except for the whole 'getting the people out' thing. the people who haven't done anything wrong.

the people being held as slaves.

i slave for the courts. right? ooooooh. i slave for the courts. sure. all the people with the fancy law degrees are too busy eanring half a million every year to destroy evidence of government corruption and murder and pedophilia etc etc etc. so i just slave... and what are they going to do about it? and hwat am i going to do about it?

no option but to be a violent criminal. right> which is justified. right> because wehre is the justice? and how long am i supposed to wait? my entire life??

what's reasonable with the 'frictional unemployment'

what's reasonable.

1 year frictional unemployment.

so say 20 years of frictional unemployment so they can hire the people who aren't capable of doing the things... while saying they won't let me do medicine because. i pass (therefore fail) the ethics test. basically.

because they all wanted to be gold goblins excluded from everywehre becuase of the stench. the stench. people don't visit new zealand anymore. quality academics. because of the stench. you can't get the stench out.

the discussion. meeting the students. meeting the studnets when their slavers aren't present. the conversation... where kelly gets to tell the visiting acadaemics how the University of Auckland refuses to be part of ULANZ (reciprical book lending) amongst Australasian Universities and about how the books are being removed from the shelves and removed sos that people don't have access to quality information anymore...

And so on.

Because new zealand doesn't want to develop at all.

It's a genocide on the New Zealand people.




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