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Re: so... i wonder how it works.

Posted by alexandra_k on May 21, 2021, at 14:59:44

In reply to Re: so... i wonder how it works., posted by alexandra_k on May 21, 2021, at 14:42:57

i do get the idea that it's supposed to make me run back crying to be a philosopher in australia.

i'm supposed to 'wake up' to the reality that 'i didn't know how lucky i was!!!' to be a gamma baby philosopher.

taking... 10 years? to do 2x phd's?

until the supervisor decides it's time to sign you off...

at which point you get sort of thrown out to your post-doctoral fellowship and they see how you fare independently...

if you can produce. or if you are more about the parties and the lifestyle. putting all your work into teaching. caring what underlings think of you rather than doing teh bare minimum on that and putting your energy into producing to advance your career...

increasingly they will only sign off on the people they know won't work independently. won't produce during the post-doc. will be distracted by parties and undergrads.

so they won't get anything after that first post-doc.

but that's okay. plenty more graduates from whence they came.

just replace them with the new generation.

and it's about grubbing your way up the money tree quickly as possible.

or... it's not.

don't then.

see how cold it is.

nothing here to see, alex.
nothing there to see, alex.
nothing here to see, alex.

how you doing alex?

we took away your privaledges...
then we took away your rights...

how you doing?

do you like the cold?

and the longer i wait to go grovelling back to them...
entirely and completedly powerless at their mercy of what they choose to do with me (if they choose to spare me at all)...

but of course i won't.

and of course that makes them entirely committed to my being forever locked out in the cold.

we invested in you...


and i produced under your watch.

i had a talk ready to go at 6 months. and i gave it. i was productive for that first 6 months.

i have 2 per year. and i had written 5,000 words per year. the talks were written up properly. articles. or chapters.

and instead of helping me or advising me something along the lines of 'good good keep going'. or 'i'm concerned about your progress can we have a meeting'. i got...

nothing. no feedback. nothing.

and then when you are forced to give feedback from university administration requirement...

why hasn't your studet done their 6 months review it's 12 months?
(why didn't you acknowledge the work your studnet did at the 6 month mark?)
why hasn't your student done their mid-term review i'ts been more than 1 year adn 1/2)
(why didn't you acknowledge the work your studet did at the one year and one half mark?)

'i'm not going to chase her'

you don't need to chase her. she's right there. and ther'e sthe work that she did. while / when you were her supervisor.

where is your acknwoledgement of her?
where is her credit?

if you have a problem with her work or her credit then tell her concretely what you want her to do.

you want to write her thesis for her?

over the next... how long?

and she can look after your house when you go away?
clean up your cats vomit?




out in the cold then?

and the university adminstation did...


and yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah. alex soooooooooooooooooooooooooo wants to move back to australia.

yeah right.

for obvious reasons.

you didn't know how lucky you were alex!!

cleaning up your supervisors cats vomit

and clearing dishes back of house

that's why you enrol in a phd programme in philsophy.


but i saw other stuff...

and the stuff can't be unseen.

i hear the dementors.

but the stuff can't be unseen.

and i'm immune to the dementors now.

this isn't me being my own worst enemy at all.

this is my petronus charm...

i'm immune from the dementors.

that's what they see in me...

that's why it's so cold...

the cold about me...


let her be a lesson to you all.

why you clean up your supervisors cats vomit with a willing heart

why you beg to stay close to him starting your theiss over and over and over and over and over and over again...

for the next 10 years?

for the next forever???

until he say's he gives you permission to submit your theiss for examination?

until he chooses to free his slave?

why would he?


1. apply to enrol by the deadline.
2. submit thesis for examination.
3. obtain reports of external examiners.
4. collect the degree that was completed in teh normal or standard time.
5. move on to your next project.

let your next project be complaining to the UN that the universities of new zealand refuse to get their studnets work to examiners and refuse to base the outcome of examiantion on reports of examiners in order to keep slaves.

like they are doing in canberra.





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