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Re: so... i wonder how it works.

Posted by alexandra_k on May 21, 2021, at 15:21:58

In reply to Re: so... i wonder how it works., posted by alexandra_k on May 21, 2021, at 14:59:44

> like they are doing in canberra.
> ffs.

like they are doing *to the New Zealanders* in canberra.

who is going to stop them? they are committed to the ideology that it is too costly to punish and they are committed to preventing / undermining apprentiseships throughout Australia.

people were using their Australan training to immigrate to the USA. to good jobs in desirable locations in the USA.

so Australia decided to hold New Zealanders (at least) as hostages.

there's this idea about a hierarchy, you see. and everybody in acadamia is supposed to be busily working trying ot make it to Harvard.

and there's this idea of what progress or progression is reaonsable, you see.

so, for example, if you work to become a teacher than you might become a teacher and then you might be able to use your position to leverage your child into a better position in the next generation. entrance and sign off from a training programme where they can end up being soething *better than* a teacher. becaue that's what lifes about. clearly. aiming for the top (CE of harvard, i supppose).

and it's reasonable for new zealanders to move to australia and australians to move to the usa.. but it's not reasonable for new zealanders to move to the usa. and it's reasonable for new zealanders to fill the role in australia that were filled by asutralians who have fled to the usa...

the flow of migrants.

the direction they keep people walking.

when i returned to new zealand from australia without going straight into a job... i was marked.

no job for me.

hahahaaahahahahaha sent home in disgrace with no degree. no job.

that's what they thought of me.

but, you know. i wrote a thesis. 1 year of work in 1 year. easy because i'd spent so much of my life working things out and reflecting on things.

the evolved apprentice...

became enlightened to the system of slavery.

you go tthings to there.

yay you. well done.

i suppose he hates new zealadn. to be fair... he was very productive in a country that is mostly not. journal and all that. grew a field. from new zealand. wow.

but that's no exucse not to sign your studnet off. that's no excuse not to do that part o fyour job. that was yoru job . to research and train the next generation of researchers. you were supposed to SIGN OFF and keep the ones with potential with you in that way. if you don't sign them off... well...

they leave.


when am i allowed to move on to my next thing then?

oh... i wrote an essay once for a law professor that said about how people in NZ should just go over the heads of the corrupt government of nz. maaori partiuclarly. seek justice from international tribunals and courts rahter than the waitangi tribunal that seems designed to perpeptuate deprivation and abuse.

and i suppose the grabbed onto that.

decided she was entitlted to force me to write her a thesis.

and i guess the tamaki people, too. for failing me for my first year essays. trying ot teach me a lesson in how that must be my entire lifes work. can't be one essay in a career. good good carry on. everything must stop and you must explain it mooooooooooooooooooooooooooore slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooly while we berate you for not having the most basic of language skills. like... find the thing that she is strongest at and pretend she doens' thave that.

not so much as literacy skills even.

no reading comprehension.

no ability to speak english


intentionally pslychologically torturous.

new zealnd is allowed to psychologically torture me...


because i was born here. so far as i can see. that means they own me an dthey can do whatever they want with me.

they believe.

which is of course they they have no legitimacy or credibilty at all.


i sort of go...

somehwere in teh world are people with the desire to live.

people who have elaborate protective structures built up to protect themselves and the ones they care about.

to protect their way of life.

what way of life ist hat?

a way of life where people are good and kind to each other. where they honor their contracts. where they behave honestly. with integrity. where there is genuine try. people who are intelligent.

these sorts of kinds of things.

and these people need to be careful not to be inflitrated or taken over by psychopaths.

by people who are opportunitistic and selfish. who will stab them in the back.

people like that.

and these people likely have a will to live.

and these people care for others.

and these people invest in health.

and these people want healthcare. a cornerstone of which is informed consent.

and they have ability to pay and invest in good things.

and they don't want to be swindled or taken for a fool. or to squander resources.

they want to see genuine development.

i'm sure there are people like that.

because i have seen glimmers of that. evidnece of that.

so... there we go.


i haven't seen anything like that in new zealadn...


unclear. unclear to me.

glimmers of that yes.

my gp was good. she was.

so far as i could tell... yep.

and the clinic had studnet docs. and they seemed... there was something genuine there. yeah.

and some of the early talks at otago. there were genuien peple there too. before the inflitration. once people realised i was going to these talks and i wans't a f*ck*ng idiot.





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