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Re: so... i wonder how it works.

Posted by alexandra_k on May 21, 2021, at 13:44:52

In reply to so... i wonder how it works., posted by alexandra_k on May 21, 2021, at 13:10:51

and they shuffle them around.

or i wonder if it is more that they do a recruitment drive for new zealand.

so, for example, when a CE has identified themself as being a bully sellout who is incompetent at promoting or furthering the interests of genuine growth and development and the like...

they invite them to apply for an all expenses paid trip to new zealand.

they do keep on about how we need to offer these people tons of money to properly incentivise them to give up their lives overseas and move all the way to new zealand. make the place seem attractive so they'll be inspired to do that.

i suppose because the northern hemisphere wants to get rid of them.

get them out of the picture. because they are an impediment or obstruction, i suppose.

that's likely why they say the CE pay is so high. so that if people from overseas get an offer from new zealand they think they've got a pretty sweet deal.

particularly if they don't have ties or connections or whatever in the northern hemisphere. if getting away is attrative.

if operating in a country of less laws with less precedent is attractive.

more ability to get away with... things that are prohibited overseas. less laws usually means less protections for the people... on paper anyway. less capacity to deliver justice...

perhaps. i don't know.


are they really paid that much? or is it all just a hoax. a scam. to incentivise the problems to move to new zealand. so people can get on with development without these idiots holding everythign back.

i guess that would make sense of why they insist upon filling so many jobs with people from overseas only. will not look at new zealanders for the positions. no point. they are already here. it's about mopping up the worlds pedophiles and psychopaths.

that would make sense of things, rather.

but then why would things be different in reverse?

i suppose the whole thing is keeping them moving keeping them moving keeping them moving...

they reckon early humans most likely managed to hunt large herbivores by keeping them walking. because large herbivores need to spend a lot of time grazing. eating food. so all the humans would have needed to do was make a racket to keep them walking. no need to run them down. just walking. just moving. just keep them not eating. prevent them from grazing. then they will drop with exhaustion. eventually. because humans can eat while they walk.

just keeping them moving keeping them moving keeping them moving. keeping them focused on moving. keeping them moving around. moving house i mean. packing up stuff and moving. keep them moving. keep them moving around.

keep them interacting with new people. new people. different people. so they don't know who can be trusted.

people get exhausted and settle down. stop. with exhaustion.


that's what development looks like?

no. there's landed gentry.


they keep going on and on and on and on and on and on and on about the property ladder. getting on the property ladder. getting started on the property ladder. only one way to go on the property ladder. things are on teh up.

but generally the whole ideology is down down down just how low can we go? no! lower! lower than low!

know who fixes the property prices?

the courts.

you take your landlord to court claiming they are charging unfair rent.

the judge or adjudicator then fixes the rent price.

the rent price is thereby fixed.

the adjudicator stated a $30 per week rent rise was apporpirate for my apartment. thereabouts.

so the government just gave beneficiaries $30 extra per week.

to cover the rent rise that was approved by the judiciary.


just when you think you are getting away... they pull you back.

just when you think they are letting you get ahead... they claw it back.

of course.


it's interesting what people do with information. the whole knowledge is power thing.

like... the administration tactics of harlene hayes (the vc of otago).

the sort of organisational psychology techniquies or skills you would use if you wantedt o keep your people, your workers, oppressed. slaving. downtrodden and disempowered. dis-spirited. unhappy.

mixing up the teams all the time. re-structing all the time. dividing and conquering all the time. arbitrary promotions for some (seems like it) and everyone wondering if they will be the next person to go. to be axed from the team.

to keep them in line. yessir nosir anything you say sir afraid of losing their jobs.

they start to bitch and complain and rally together..

so they actually introduced this 'rate me' thing. for customer service. so the students could rate the person they just interacted with.

like the community app... what was it.. miow miow beans.

so the customer services officers are smiling putting on happy faces to the customers no matter how fearful they are of losing their jobs... happier faces from more fear -- right? more fear inspires happier face -- right? no shortage of replacement workers if you won't comply...

sort of psychological warfare tactics or techniques...

and the talks...

the things people would say...

and they were filming or streaming often. partiuclarly the ethics talks.

to who? i wonder... it isn't plausible to think just or only new zealand.

all those talks about how the psychopaths always win. those talks. basically.

tryign to motivate and inspire people to do what, exactly?

oh yeah. give them all of their stuff and kiss their *ss*s thankful that things weren't worse. because things can always be worse. right? things can always be worse. things can always be worse. and if you don't suck up and comply and smile when we say then things will be worse. we will make things worse we will make things worse...

seems to be the idea.

seems to be the way.

it's like the justice said. they took away all the privaledes you had. and when that didn't work to force complaince they started removing all of the most basic of your human rights. in an attempt to crush your spirit.

that's the management strategy of new zealand.

of much of the world, seems likely.

put particularly of new zealand.

to force compliance.

to prevent development.

to empower pedophiles and psychopaths.

so they want to come here, i suppose. so they voluntarily come here.

start by creating the desire...

and then watch the things unfold.


and so they clean their notes.
clean their data.
alter the medical records.
they get governmetn workers, seems likely.
to alter the documentation.

and then what?

then they make it clearer to them that there's bodycams and the like.
security cameras from above
in teh OR
in the hallway
in the ambulance
watching them
recording them
so they better not violate patients rights.

they better comply

otherwise photoshop
otherwise they'll be set up for a crime
it's all there on camera
all their crimes
brought to you by a hollywood basement

is the next step, obviously.

time stamped and dated by the people who have administrator access

the people who designed the system

the people who designed the system who designed the system

there will be all these workers of spies spying on each other not knowing if they will be fired for not exposing a spy or they'll be fired for explosing a spy

create confusion

breed distrust

keep things from developing. prevent the development.
keep things back and down
keeop the people with smiling faces and forced compliance

and then just don't go into public anymore
get the public people going about in herds
gamma baby herds
the rush hour to work the rush hour away from work
just live your life outside the rush hour
away from teh herds

all the mounds of rubbish and crap

the lack of art
the lack of joy
the lack of hope

just say away from all of that and stay away from all of those

is the plan?
or the effects... just the way things are or go.

we are supposed to believe we don't need an invisible hand to pull things in better directions.

but i think the situation is more that we do need an invisible hand to have kept things held back and prevented from developing the way that things clearly have been

all around the globe

so far as we know

so far as i know

what is convenient for them to have me believe

its a shame they won't let me contribute in meaningful ways

all about forcing compliance

because that's precisely how you keep thigs back and down

how are we going with sourcing those euthanasia drugs, then?

so the aged care institutions (moving into 16 year olds now. as i said in 2018 (yawn) i'ts a great way to make money, hey. immmobilise people and force them to live in institutions. less and less services for more and mor eand more money for the keepers of the instituation).

once they've figured how to get any inheritence there might be... once they've figured there is no more to be got...

night night.

all of the money for nobody home. literally.


i don't believe the suicides i'm supposed to believe in recently.

am i supposed to be scared? scared for my life?

be quiet alex or they will come and take you in the night.


the lengths they go to.

'just follow orders alex. kill who we say when we say because we say with a smile on your face -- thats what it means to be a doctor in new zealand. right? there's kids who will do it with joy in their hearts. why would we pick you?'




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