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newspaper cancelled

Posted by alexandra_k on May 22, 2018, at 21:16:24

i quit statistics and physics.
university is... just a hoop.
jump through the hoops, quick as you can, and get the hell out.
i didn't need those hoops.
the research and the UMAT are the hoops that are my hoops.
time to focus on them.

i sent a letter to the paper.
about how the medical school refuses to consider disability as 'special reason' to include a candidate (e.g., as equity) and will only consider disability as 'special reason' to exclude a candidate.

i mean, you have to disclose disability prior to candidates being selected.
you are told that your offer of place can be rescinded if they discover something they take to be relevant and if they regard you as having failed to disclose...

how is this not blatent discrimination?

the newspaper decides this is not newsworthy!
newsworthy is going on about inclusive schooling where basically classrooms that are allready overcrowded and struggling with behavior problems are forced to take kids who are disruptive to others learnign in the name of equity. that's what equity is about, clearly. ruining more things for more of us.

euthenasia has recurred.
apparently the disability rights people don't want euthenasia to be legalised because if euthenasia is legalised all the disabled people would be involuntarily slaughtered.

i wonder why they think that.
beacuse of how badly they treat disabled people?
because they can see the disabled people in their care don't want to live... like that?

the solution is clearly to keep on forcing them to do whatever they've been forced to do for however long.

just keep on throwing the money at the 'charitable trusts' y'all.

i'm done. i don't even want to hear it.

somewhere... there are intelligent, articulate... somewhere... not so much here.

just jump through the hoop and get out.

they really have ruined things.





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