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Re: newspaper cancelled

Posted by alexandra_k on May 26, 2018, at 21:46:15

In reply to Re: newspaper cancelled, posted by alexandra_k on May 26, 2018, at 21:25:03

what upsets me, is the whole 'lying to people - for their own good' mentality. this whole assumption that they know best what is good for people. this completely undermines informed consent.

the defense i've head is that (for example) it is okay to tell people 'there is nothing that we can do' when we have decided that the treatment can't be purchased by them (e.g., because they can't afford it or because they've been chucked in a control group or whatever).

but what really happened, here, is they lacked access to medical care.

if you tell them what's going on... that there are treatments but they are too expensive, or whatever... then the person knows. it might turn out they can muster the funds somehow. that's what makes me f*ck*ng mad... thinking it is appropriate (in the patients best interests) for them not to have information.

especially since a lot of the most expensive treatments are still fairly new. it is unclear how helpful they might be etc... i can only think that this premature 'there is nothing we can do' comes from a clinican(?) too stupid to understand any of that... i mean... what the f*ck is really going on here?

i got sort of excited, really about fiduciary duty because it is something investment lawyers understand so there is no excuse for managers not having the concept. it is in the vicinity. bound up with duty of care and so on. not abusing positions of trust / responsibility for ones own personal gain.

but i'm not seeing much written about it in medicine... people seem almost intentionally out to stabotage / hide the whole idea. to remove it from discourse...

of course it is true that some people do want the whole 'yes, of course dear, anything you say dear' while they are being led to the slaughter... it is surprising... but a whole heap of people don't really want medicine. they want to hear a bunch of lies... they just want whatever dx they want or whatever pill they want... you can raise the issue with them to see if they want information... but often people don't. i do understand that.

my anger is in only treating the involuntary. in seeing what the people need (honesty or lies) and providing precisely the opposite.

did those people in the interview really need to hear i condone what they have worked their lives towards... palliative care...

thats not medicine.

its just a lot cheaper to observe. and cheapest still to say nothing while people are burned through and burned out over and over and over...

and people don't even have the history right. they say 'once upon a time people did what doctors said because they were authorative'. no... once upon a time only rich people could afford doctors. and they could afford many different doctors. and they could have listened to a forum of doctors where each provided their opinion as to what ws wrong and what could be done

in a way that was genuine... inquiry. searching..

not manipulative and exploitative... trying to swindle with pretty graphs that intentionally obscure...

small pockets have to be kept hidden because the masses... and then those who set out to undermine the above because they simply cannot allow it unless the semblance of it is under their specific control.

is this the game of life? its the game i see... it's not a nice game. the human cost is phenomenal... why would we choose to livel like that?

at least i'm not contributing towards things being worse in future generations. i can console myself that when its over for me its over for me. i wish id never been part of any of it. what i see... sickens me. this horrible horrible world makes me sick




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