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Re: newspaper cancelled

Posted by alexandra_k on May 26, 2018, at 21:25:03

In reply to newspaper cancelled, posted by alexandra_k on May 22, 2018, at 21:16:24

So at some point I got the head of the law school here confused with the head of the law school someplace else. The one here known for condoning drunken debauchery the one someplae else known for disability rights sorts of stuff...

There is some inquiry at the moment. a fairly rapid one. before they decide how to spend a bunch of money, or something...

I'm not holding my breath. why should I? People still aren't listening to me... Aren't listening to anyone... Nobody listened to them when they were kids and now they have the right to control others as they see fit, because they have earned it. For sure. Mmm hmm. Making the world a better place one generation at a time -- not.

I'm noticing email conversations are being retrospectively edited by people. An admin email I got that was dismissive of me (interpreted me / dismissed me as being stuck in an OCD loop, or similar). Didn't even get my last name right... Was subsequently edited. A PDF document I got... Apparently I scored really badly on the interview however many years ago (28th out of 30, or similar). Then a couple hours later that bit was edited out.

1) It might just be rubbish. Just to show me that people can do that. With the editing of 'official' documents. I know people can do that, already. I've been saying we need to be upfront about such things and upfront about the steps we are taking to prevent that misuse. E.g., by having laws actually written down on paper and publically accessible in libraries rather than being available online (and retrospectively alterable) which is basically... No system of laws. At all.

2) It might be true. I suspect it is. It explains the meaningful way the lady was all, like, 'how do you think you did?' and I was all like 'I really don't know' and kind of... Ambivalent about how I had done. And she choose to look me directly in the eyes and provide a genuine smile and say 'you did really well'.

And... If that was right, about how I scored, then my interview couldn't have gone worse. So the appropriate thing for her to do (I would have thought) would have been to give me a rueful smile and say 'thank you for your time'. Then I would have been prepared for the actual outcome. Instead of giving me false hope to serve... To serve the interests of... Uh?


I need to remember: She got spat back. That's how come she's babysitting a few 'distinguished people' for interviews. That's how come she's not practicing medicine with people. She got spat back.

The 'distinguished people'...

There was the church guy. I know now he wanted to hear 'no no no under no circumstances just say no to euthenasia, kids'. He didn't want to hear that I had the cognitive capacity to identify major issues and respond thoughtfully in a mature way with empathy and sensitivity.

There was the volunteering lady. I know now that she wanted to hear 'I invested months of my time filling out forms and getting credit checks so I could rattle a tin for the board of directors for a multi million charity outside a supermarket in the most deprived areas of town'. She didn't want to hear that I had 'just helped out' unofficially for no offical credit with a variety of local projects.

There was early childhood development lady. I know now that she didn't want to hear 'I would invest in xxx (a place I unofficially volunteered for) because they provide a community centre for kids kicked from public school and are having some success with taking child offenders and getting them into jobs and courses and keeping them out of prison). She wanted to hear that we should just sit back and watch... The world should just sit back and watch... For generations, even. Just observe the trajectory of no intervention for the benefit of... Uh... Other people's babies. Of course.

The nature (crappy parents) plus nurture (crappy environment) inevitability of gamma-hood.

So that people like her could... Have a viable way of life (that they consider liveable) 'looking after' or 'minding' or 'making decisions for'. All these gamma people who (their data will be used to show) never really had a chance at another way of life... Doctrine of double entrenchment. Or similar.

Just so long as it isn't a meritocracy... Just so long as people aren't allowed to do the things they want to do and are forced to do the things they don't. Not in a 'eat your brocolli' way of course... More in a 'move to the suburbs and be a sexual slave for some dude who didn't make enough money to live on a horse ranch in Monana...' Or... Whatever.

I need to remember there's no actual change with the change in government. It's still the same-old, same-old, same-old.

The whole interview process is discrimatory against people with disability. That's precisely what it's for. It's set up to select the kids who are responsive enough to the panel to tell them what they want to hear... Or who are part of some version of elite class such that their natural / fairly superficial responses are to have inherited the 'typical' attitudes towards charity (a multi million dollar gold mine) and entrenchment of poverty (a multi million dollar gold mine) and... the church retaining control over last rites (a multi million dollar gold mine).

I mean... NZ has just developed in leaps and bounds (compared to the rest of the developed world) under their watch. They know what they are doing with respect to the multimillion dollar goldmine. Clearly. No, my bad, I keep forgetting to pat myself on the back with respect to how much more advanced we are compared to Tonga.


It's the supposed 'elite' here. As people got... Spat back from civilisation overseas. They come set up shop, here. Then our officials don't feel top of the hierarchy, anymore, so they get greedier for themselves. The vultures... It's just a more sophisticated version of how you get tourist boats for pacific island locations and you have groups of indigenous people in the area. With a subsistence way of life. Then people opt out of the subsistence / tribal way of life. The fancy hotels and casinos bring alternative options...

One could sell local wares to the tourists... Carvings or fresh fish or whatever... But of course what's really valuable is the young women... Or boys can steal things... PUt on a bit of a show... Get thrown some tokens of appreciation... Some scraps...

Then alcoholism and so on...

I guess it is a well known phenomenon, everywhere.

Here... Pretty much all the people are attracted to the universities, at at least part of their life-stage. And then the other people hovering around. Someone needs to go to the market to sell the dope that the parents grow and so on...

The trouble with alcohol is the opportunity cost. All the other things that money could be spent on. And in the spending of money... To invest in the things that one wants to see more of. One needs a certain amount of cognitive capacity for foresight... For example... You can get some truly wonderful group fitness leaders. But they will burn out if you overwork them. It's cheaper to burn through them... Which prevents the development of the group fitness industry still further. Instead of getting better it just keeps on doing what it's doing burning out the best people.

I guess athletics stuff is the same. Sports. Everything. Most of society is take what you can for as long as you can because you can.

I also see the need for an arbitrary boundary that you enforce no matter what. Because otherwise the not quite noticably sh*tt**r will ruin everything.

I guess that's how you grow a business. See a need for an initial start. Start out with 'quality' as the sell. THen grow your business by growing your client base (increase in poor people - right? increase in people who can't live independently - right? increase in people with disabilty - for sure). then once you've spread whatever disease you are going to get rich off selling the cure for you can decrease the quality of what you provide. the not quite noticably shitter. and you have surveys all the time so people will tell you when they notice it is sh*tt**r - right? otherwise their failure to speak up means they are condoning that things are okay - right? and in this way... gradually gradually... the herd is led to their inevitable, uh...

but one has sold out of the whole thing well before then.





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