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Re: library books

Posted by alexandra_k on May 18, 2018, at 18:32:23

In reply to Re: library books, posted by alexandra_k on May 18, 2018, at 1:49:05

What gets me with the login to access books / information is that differnet people have access to different things. In the simplest case - some people simply don't have access to this or that thing. In the slightly more complicated case - different people have access to different versions of what is purported to be the same thing.

You could think of it as a form of intelligent searching. How Google sees what sorts of things you voluntarily click on and what sorts of things you are willing to spend your time reading and prioritises things accordingly. So if you spend your time reading gossipy crap then when you search your searches will start out prioritising gossipy crap and eventually your searches will only present you with gossipy crap. You will (in this way) come to have no option but to live in the gossipy crap world. And (people who are behind such implementations) can pat themselves on the back and reassure themselves that it isn't their fault -- the person created a gossipy crap world for themself of their own making.

That is one implementation that I fear. That people get locked in when they are young and / or while they are vulnerable. That opportunitites to boot-strap out are limited or (worst case) eliminated entirely.

Another implementation I fear is in education. Different people having access to different versions of course contents. That would be one case that would allow integrity of grading. Basically, some students have access to worked examples that actually appear in the examinations while other students have access to different examples. Perhaps ones that are too complicated (time wasting) or perhaps ones that are intentionally confusing. Full of lecturer 'typos' (oopsie!!).

I used to keep my books so I could read them later. For English. Which is perhaps weird, because all I really need is the author name and the book title and I can search for it directly. I don't need to rely on browsing the shelves so I'd notice if it got vanished...

But now I have things like statistics books. They want us to use the online version -- but I know (as well as I'm sure that they do) that our access to the online version will go away either when the course has gone away (e.g., next semester) or when we are no longer enrolled to study with the university.

So... Down the track... When I have some data. From my own experiment or data that other people have collected... And I am seeing about running this and that statistical test and manipulating the data thus and so so I can employ this and that statistical test... Well, about then it when I'll likely find that all my course material has vanished. No longer accessible to me.

So I guess I'll just have to... Uh... Pay the university to take that course again?

I want to apply to Medicine and now they are saying (this stuff changes from year to year until they end up with the people they want, I'm sure) that qualifications expire. In, 5 years. Sure, of course qualifciations expire. Why only get money for people to do one qualification. You could get them constantly paying subscriptions to the university to keep their qualificatoins online...

I mean the opportunity cost of not extorting people thus and so...

I don't know how much of this kind of stuff is going on (probably a lot of it) vs how much the fear of this kind of stuff happening to oneself is supposed to opress and frighten people into the appropriate attitude of supplication and emotional numbness and... You know... Foster (over the years gradually gradually) a hatred of humanity and so on...


I'm just so very tired of being locked out of civilised society, here.

I'm so very tired of these awful people who don't speak meaningful English. Not because they are ESL but because... Something is wrong with them. I'm so very tired of these people being put in charge of kicking the non-persons back.

I'd rather die than join them, of course.

Hence the whole most people wish I'd go away / die, yeah.

I mean the psychopathy profiteering thing... Is the only way to live - right? That's what makes it excusable? Just trying to get buy. Thrust wife and children up for the camera 'I did it for them! Because I love them!' Like any refugee grabbing any infant they can to hold in front of themself out of love / self protection / love / self protection.

That's what love is.


That's why people have kids.

And they shall inherit the earth.


I wouldn't want it. Not after what they've done to it...

There are websites that are very legitimate looking indeed. That sell legitimate books. And the sell not so legitimate books, as well. What do I mean by that? I mean books that aren't printed because they are not worth the money they are not even printed on. They are computer generated books. They are post-modernist essay generated books. It might sound like they are legitimte because they have the right proportion of this or that list of technical terminology for this or tht field... But they aren't saying anything meaningful. You can get access to the book for, like $300 or $400 dollars. These books can fill up your book search...

It's about whether you think mutual cooperation wins out over arrangements with unequal benefits.

I have to believe the former.

Most other people in these parts (seems to me) are betting on the latter. Are fighting their way up the hierarchy largely by kicking the peole back kicking the people back kicking the people back. Limiting their opportunities and subjugating tehm wherever possible.

Teh former means you want to see more people develop so they are in positions where they can participate in more complicated cooperative activities...

People talk about 'added value' or getting something for nothing. Like... Getting some chump to buy the post-modernist generated electronic device or getting people to pay insurance by way of extortion... Not because it will protect one against future misfortune but because it will make it less likely you will fall victim to future misfortune...

Toxic waste? Costly to remove? No problem... Just figure out the dose whereby you can get people to actually pay you for the privalege of ingesting it or smearing it on their body or whatever... Then, when they are sick because of what they voluntarily did to themselves (largely encouraged by your marketing) you can get rich looking after them because the government will feed you a constant succession of money for your charitable trust set up for them. I mean... All the data shows they will increase in number going into the future - right? Never has so much money been poured into things that make things worse and worse and worse and worse for a greater proportion of people...

And then flee. Because nobody likes ot live in the sh*t that they've made.




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