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Re: library books

Posted by alexandra_k on May 28, 2018, at 7:49:05

In reply to Re: library books, posted by alexandra_k on May 28, 2018, at 7:43:53

I do despise all those people put in charge of me who were incapable of being responsive to reason.

I do despise all those people put in charge who lack the capacity to... Do much of anything, at all, except get fat off of depriving more and more and more people of more and more and more of what they needed.

I do despise all those people who will work to defend how the public schools aren't really all that bad. They are culturally friendly in not teaching people reading, writing, or arithmetic! And so on...

While demonstrating the ultimate hypocracy when it comes to what they will effect for their own kids.

And then to see their own kids...

Who also, often, can't kill themselves fast enough. Because their parents have decided they will do this, and they will do that, and they will jolly well do whatever they're f*ck*ng told given what has been invested in them...

And it's just a culture of bullies. A culture of people obsessed with the micro-mismanagement of others. The people who 'stood up!' and 'got in there!' and 'had a go!' at f*ck*ng things up for more and more people...

While those with capacity just got the f*ck out.

Because there's nothing else to be done, really.

This is just the sh*t heap of the world. The wasteland. I'm done trying to use reason to converse with hypocryte psychopaths who are non-responsive to reason. Who selectively lack the capacity.

This is the world that they made.

Well done.




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