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Re: library books

Posted by alexandra_k on May 20, 2018, at 23:01:45

In reply to Re: library books rjlockhart37, posted by alexandra_k on May 19, 2018, at 18:30:10

and now we can consider accessibility of x-rays and so on as we move into the age of onehealthone (i won, i won, i won).

placebo reponse is pretty great when compared to quite a lot of minimally invasive surgery. one could be forgiven for thinking that a lot of minimally invasive surgery is freeriding off of placebo response. i wonder how far that can go? hip replacement, anyone?

in order for that to be convincingly placebo'd you'd need pretty great control over the patients imaging. not just now but into the future... given the patient might travel to a different country and have an accident or something and have imaging work done over there... there would need to be some kind of marker for the people to know what images were to be associated with the patient...

and so on...

you would WANT people to be concerned about such things. you would WANT medicine to be accountable to such concerns. you would WANT medicine to be taking steps to ensure that this sort of thing is not the future of medicine.

you would think...

partly it is about appreciating the value of what you have got... so you know how to bargin with people trying to screw you over. literally.

i wish i had more faith in things... but my experience in nz since coming back here... every year i feel worse and worse and worse abotu the state of things here and about the capacity and morality of the people lin charge of this that and the other thing. the less and less... good... i see in this world.

in a country who seems to prefer to label its capable and ethical people mentally ill, victims, deviants, criminals etc etc... and to hand them over to the psychopaths to occupy themselves with.




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