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Re: ghost story lil jimi

Posted by Tabitha on September 3, 2016, at 12:24:25

In reply to Re: ghost story Tabitha, posted by lil jimi on September 2, 2016, at 13:47:24

> Obviously, I didn't know either. I apologize to you because I forgot how you were there through my whole thing, including Psycho-Rabble! I thank you for that then and for this now.

Seems like ages ago, doesn't it?

> Late June/early July I was diagnosed with oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma (HPV-16 positive) stage 4a. August 3 began 3 chemotherapy treatments (Cisplatin) every three weeks, the 2nd of which was August 24, and 5 days a week radiation every 8:00 AM.

Ugh, Jim, I'm so sorry. That's a tough row to hoe. Several tough rows to hoe at once.

> Truly, I am at as close to zero risk of fatality as is possible under these circumstances. I mean it. For instance: I do not smoke cigarettes; I do not drink alcohol; I am not over-weight; I do not have diabetes. Furthermore being a HPV-16 carcinoma suggests this respond better to treatment.

Well that's some solace, a few rays of hope.

> But my side-effects are soul crushing. Nausea has me on three meds 24/7. Total loss of sense of taste. No garuantee it will return. Loss of ability to shallow: I can not eat and only barely drink. I live by the PEG tube installed week before treatments. But sometimes the nausea will regurgitate what went into the PEG feeding tube. Sometimes the nausea keeps me up all night. No rest for the weary.

Oh my dog, that must be the pits!

> Yet before treatment I was in constant pain and now I take Zero pain meds. I hate opioids.

Trading pain for nausea, not so great, but I guess it's better than pain + nausea, right?

> Our 17 teen year old can never get this cancer. Had him vaccinated 6 years ago

That must be a relief. I actually didn't realize they vaccinated boys, too.

> I hate all food commercial. Hardly surprising. They're diabolical.
> So my energy can vary a lot and I tend to sleep a lot. I lost 20 lbs and we are doing all we can to keep from losing any more.

I imagine it's a continuous fight right now. I hope the nausea will let up soon.

> "Squamous" means 'scaly'.

That's almost comical. Almost.

> Did you know that Peppermint Oil, the vapors, really help nausea? They really do. I carry my little vial with a soaked cotton swab all the time. It can stop you puking like you threw a switch!

No, I did not know that "the vapors" was peppermint oil. I'm glad it's helping!

> On a more serious note:
> Please, please have every person you know under 27 get vaccinated against HPV!
> Their newest vaccine protects against even more varieties of HPV.

You've educated me on this topic, thank you!

Jim, for what it's worth, I went through cancer treatment in 2012-2013 time-frame. One thing I remember (sort of) about chemo was memory loss, in between the long periods of sleeping. At the time I thought I must be permanently brain-damaged, but it turned out to be just short-term side effects. Like, I would watch a movie, and have zero memory of having seen it. It was truly like being a goldfish. I was annoyed that I wasn't prepared for that side-effect by the staff. I was told I'd have "flu-like symptoms", not brain-melt. So I still have holes in my memory of the period. Not that I need to remember it all, anyway.




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