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Re: ghost story Tabitha

Posted by lil jimi on September 7, 2016, at 23:44:44

In reply to Re: ghost story lil jimi, posted by Tabitha on September 3, 2016, at 12:24:25

> > Did you know that Peppermint Oil, the vapors, really help nausea? They really do. I carry my little vial with a soaked cotton swab all the time. It can stop you puking like you threw a switch!
> No, I did not know that "the vapors" was peppermint oil. I'm glad it's helping!

My experience of the antiemetic benefit of peppermint still astonishes me. Having had to try promethazine, dexamethason, zofran (ondansetron), ativan and another I can't recall, in my attempts to not vomit, in various combinations and with various degrees success, I am still impressed by peppermint oil's effectiveness. I currently must take dexamethason and ondansetron 24/7 to keep food down.

But the smell, the scent, the fumes or vapors from peppermint oil can and do abate my vomit reflex even in midst of heaving regardless of which other medication(s) I am using. My chemotherapy doctor explained that taking peppermint in capsules or drinking peppermint tea does not have the same effect, although those can benefit digestion, but they do not relieve regurgitation the way sniffing peppermint oil extract does in fact do so powerfully for me.

Excuse me if there was a play on the term "the vapors". To be clear, I meant 'vapors' in the simply literal sense of inhaling the scent of peppermint as in snorting the aroma of the peppermint oil extract.

One time, in a panic, as I was being seized with the vomiting reflex convulsions I began getting a headache while I was desperately huffing my peppermint oil fumes. Once I relaxed a little I realized I had caused my momentary headache with oxygen deprivation. A little more air and my headache evaporated.

It still strikes me as bizarre that of these powerful prescription medications, none comes close to being so immediately effective as peppermint oil for me. Ondansetron (zofran) was designed to relieve nausea for chemotherapy patients and does help a lot. Yet none of these pharmaceuticals has provided anything like the immediacy of peppermint oil's relief. I marvel that this component in peppermint oil hasn't been developed as a pharmaceutical. I keep a vial of peppermint extract with me always to protect me from the violence of vomiting.

I have found that cannabis' ability to relieve nausea to be very limited. I haven't had access to cannabis oil extract which may well be as different as it is for peppermint, for all I know. But smoking cannabis is much too hot and too irritating, and can induce counterproductive coughing which can trigger gagging, retching or vomiting reflexes. And as much euphoria cannabis does provide, it becomes very unpleasant if I am puking.




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