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Lou's response-turhowdz chicagokat

Posted by Lou Pilder on September 2, 2012, at 19:00:20

In reply to What to do?, posted by chicagokat on August 31, 2012, at 13:51:37

> Hi all,
> I'm pretty new here on pb, only posted a couple times on the med board, but now I have a really bad social problem and I wondered if I coult get some advice; I'd really appreciate it.
> I'm suffering from sever, untreatable depression, every med has failed me and even ect didn't help (I think it made it worse, actually)
> But here's my problem: I've been suffering so badly since all the meds failed me, for about a year and a half. I live with my wonderful husband who, for some reason, sticks by me even though it can't be easy. Thank God for him.
> But, the rest of my family all live scattered across the country, and all my friends live far away since we've moved. I've become very isolated b/c of all this. so I've relied on my family for support too much....I call them when I'm feeling alone and suicidal. But they are gettinng SICK of it and really don't want to hear from me any more. so now I feel even more alone, and feel like I'm not a part of the family. Do you guys have any suggestions, cos i'm getting eesperate and suicidal here, and i'm so afraid and lonely. i'm gonna try to join a support group on sunday,, but i'm terrified of going b/c i've become agoraphobic with all this time alone. Please, I just need to know someone cares, it hurts so vad to feel like my family doesn't
> sorry to babble on so, i'm just so desperate. i do trly home no one here feels as bad, and i hope everyone finds happiness.
> thanks
> Kat

You wrote,[...I am suffering..depression, every med has failed me..ect..made it worse...feeling alone and suicidal...have any suggestions..suicidal here...I'm just so desperate...].
You may already know that I see two roads to go on when one is in the condition that you are in. One is the road by {human achievement} and the other road is by {divine accomplishment}.
Now people here on the road of human acheivement post to take this drug or that drug or to combine drugs or up the dosage or down the dosage or find a therapy group. Now that road can lead to death. You see, many of the psychotropic drugs now carry a warning that the drug can increase suicidal and homocidal thinking, even antisiezure drugs. And now there has been many years to catalog the effects of these drugs and it is statisically evident that death can result from taking the drugs.
Now if the drugs can increase your thinking to kill yourself or others, would it be good thinking to take these drugs if you already have suicidal thinking?
Then there is addiction that when one is in withdrawal from a drug, they could have a mind-altered state induced in them to kill themselves and/or others , even commit mass-murder. So once you are put on the drug and you take it for a period of time, stopping the drug could cost you your life, by your own hand.
Now I am prohibited here from posting what IMHHO could save your life or prevent a life-ruining condition or addiction. This is because of these prohibitions posted to me here by Mr. Hsiung. But you could go to the administrative board and see years of outstanding requests from me to Mr Hsiung and you could post in the threads there and then I could respond to you there. There I could open up the gate to healing and a new life, free from the shakles of addiction and depression.




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