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National Geographic Special

Posted by verne on May 18, 2009, at 21:58:09

I live in Fairfield, Iowa, cult country I guess. I've been deeply involved with "full-metal jacket" gospel pentecostal churchs and the TM Movement. I haven't been to church since 9/11. Columbine, 9/11, BTK, and the other horrors, killed what spiritual life I had.

What struck me about Wayne Bent is the way he twisted scripture to meet his own lustful needs. Did Jesus get busy with his disciple's wives? Paul said they should throw someone like Wayne Bent out of the church in his first letter to the Cornithians.

When the National Geographic reporter asked Bent questions about sleeping with his own son's wife and lying with young girls naked, this imposter really showed his colors. He explained and even did a floor show for the camera.

He explained that God drove him to the floor and he "groaned" (suggesting he groaned in the Spirit). Every other word was "and". He talked and even looked like a Valley Girl.

Did Jesus break up marriages and sleep with OTHER men's wives? Jesus said he would dwell in us, not lie next to us naked.

Every "full" gospel church I've been to, has a few that think their EVERY thought is of God. After awhile, this really goes to their head and their human judgments and lusts become edits from God. This isn't new. You'll see it at any church that promotes healing, miracles and the like.

In spite of my bad experiences I still believe in miracles and the gifts of the Spirit. But you can't control or acquire a gift from the Holy Spirit, the way many do now. I mean, they have workshops to become prophets and healers. Wow. So man can, through works, acquire a gift from God?

Wayne Bent doesn't resemble Jesus in any way and wasn't Jesus supposed to come back in a cloud anyway?

Jesus spoke in parables, Wayne Bent "explains", puts his spin on things. Jesus NEVER explained. (either you have ears to hear or you don't) Wayne compared himself to an MD at one point. Geez, God needs to compare himself to an MD to explain lying naked with young girls?

Wayne Bent is as far from divine as BTK - also a church leader. He was led by the flesh and fortunately didn't kill anyone, although he's wounded many grievously.

John the Baptist said that one would come who would make the Way straight. How ironic, that this demon's name is WAYne BENT and he changed his name.

Prudence Welch has a website that keeps tracks of WB and promotes healing. This documentary is worth a look.

If not for Welch and National Geographic a pedophile who might take his entire group down with him and do a "Heaven's Gate", is in JAIL.

I think I should be blocked for offending Wayne Bent. Dr Bob blocks people for offending political parties and third cousins of the truly offended. I think I deserve a block.

Let's be fair.





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