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Re: Bush couldn't get it right Bobby

Posted by Kath on May 14, 2009, at 8:35:20

In reply to Bush couldn't get it right Kath, posted by Bobby on May 13, 2009, at 23:48:42

Thanks Bobby, You're an absolute sweetheart!

When I told my husband last nite about it, he said JUST what you did - that he totally believed that she acted lovey-dovey with my son to keep - I can't think of the saying - but to not close that door - he also felt that she wanted to keep our son as an option in case it didn't work out. DH & I also are edgy about son considering getting back with her if. However, his first statement when he told me she was back was, "My life is ruined! I never want to see that bitch's face again & now she's going to be with ---(her sister) when we're all doing stuff." BUT - he also did love her deeply. So, who knows.

The GOOD news today (thanks Universe) is that last nite when he (& exGF's sister!) were in Toronto at a club, they met a fellow son knows & stayed overnite & now son phoned me to say he's at the guy's friend's STUDIO - he has a record label etc. And son & the friend are just going to 'work on' making a song together! As you mite know, son is INTO creating his own music - into DJing "Drum & Bass" & "Dubstep" music. On Monday nite he was on a live internet radio show! He has done internet radio shows before & has spun at clubs in Toronto & tomorrow is on the list of Dj's spinning at a large private party.

So when he told me that, I said, "Well the Universe dished you out something real bad, now it's dished you out something really good."

He said something like, "Yeah! Well I'm doing okay about the other thing, so that's good."

I think it was really good that yesterday he spent time with some friends, including EGF's sister, then went to Toronto with her. I also told him yesterday & he agreed, that EGF probably won't have as much freedom since she has a child. I highly doubt that her parents are prepared to be big-time babysitters while their daughter-who-has-a-big-drug-problem parties....especially at Toronto clubs!

Thank you SO much for your support. It means a lot to me.

I've arranged to go to my wonderful therapist for some sessions around this. It's a big deal, but my reaction sure indicates there's more inside me that being triggered!

hugs & smiles, Kath

> but I sure can. "Fool me once, shame on you----fool me twice, shame on me!" Tell your son to run away from that bit** as fast as his legs will allow.She will forever be on the lookout to "trade up"---you know it , I know it and probably everyone in the Galaxy knows it but a fool in love. I feel with certainty that your son was plan B all alone if things didn't work out with the genius who made the best decision of his life. I speak not with speculation but with authority. Trust your instincts--women(especially mothers) are far superior than us unlucky former targets who should have listened to y'all in the first place. My son's first "fact of life sermon" will be ,"Don't let your penis get harder than your head." good luck---and don't let it drag you down!




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