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Re: abusers abusers everywhere alesta

Posted by kid47 on January 9, 2007, at 13:30:40

In reply to Re: abusers abusers everywhere mair, posted by alesta on January 9, 2007, at 13:00:00

Hey. Sounds like things are kinda suckin' in your world right now. Sorry!! I too have a VERY difficult time asking for anything....even when I'm desperate..... I have just always handled everything myself. On the rare occasion I have suggested to someone, (usually someone, who I've willingly helped out in the past and I consider to be my friend) that I could use some assistance, I have been met with what I perceive as either a luke warm response are jusrt outright refusal (usually followed by some lame excuse). Unfortunately there are people in the world who seem unbelieveably selfish and inconsiderate......but just when my cynical outlook and negative perception of things begins to win out, I get a call from someone who seems genuinely concerened for my well being (and no, not just my mom). who is willing to really go out of their way to give me a hand and does this without me even asking.
Yeah ther are some abusive, abrasive, inconsiderate, and deceitful beings out there, but fortunately we're not all like that. Maybe you just run with a rough crowd ;) Hope things get better for you real soon. I'm sure they will. and remember..."If your nose runs, and your feet smell, you're built upside down."

Peace and Happiness


> > I saw your post on the admin site. Since I haven't been around here in a long time, I don't know if the anger is directed at anyone here or at someone or thing IRL. My dad was a pretty incredible narcissist, although I probably wouldn't have pegged him that way; my T attached that label to him. I know there are lots of behaviors that I associate with him and I cringe whenever I see any of them in myself. He had a way of making his needs very well known and of paramount importance. He was over the top, but the bad thing is that as an overreaction to his behavior, I tend to feel that I'm not entitled to ask for anything from others - even if I think my need is legitimate, I recoil at the thought of expressing that need.
> >
> > So who are you letting run over you and why?
> >
> > mair
> what's up mair.:) glad to actually have a response! well let's see..i'd really rather not go into details on's just too complicated and i'd rather not get into the who/why aspect if you don't mind (it's no one from here)...but, yes, i like you am learning to ask for things from others...instead of just looking inside myself for all the answers...which i did for so long. sorry for not divulging just takes too much energy right now.
> i feel for you, being the child of a narcissist. it's a really hard thing to deal with...




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