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Re: Desicions geri122

Posted by fallsfall on March 25, 2004, at 19:23:59

In reply to Re: Desicions, posted by geri122 on March 25, 2004, at 15:53:47

Yes, you make perfect sense.

I really wish you could trust your teacher. If she PROMISED not to tell anyone, could you believe her? The only thing that I know of that would make her legally bound to tell someone was if you were planning to kill yourself or another person. But you aren't (right?). You are miserable, and don't know what to do, but as long as you are planning to stay alive, she SHOULD keep her promise. It is always possible that someone would break their promise, but if she is a good teacher, she will understand the importance of a promise like that.

I'm glad you talked to your friend. I guess I don't quite see why stopping talking to you is a good thing to do if they are worried about you.

I know that you are feeling so alone. I know that feeling, and I know how much better it feels to have someone else understand your pain. Can you talk to your sister? If I remember correctly, you started posting in November (or October)? That is an awfully long time to be in pain. I wish you had someone on your side.

Please think about talking to the teacher. You don't have to tell her anything that you don't want to. Give her a little bit of information, and see what she does with it. Does she listen? Does she understand why it is hard for you? Does she have any good suggestions? Does she order you to do something you aren't comfortable with? Does she go to the principal? If she asks questions that you don't want to answer, you can just say "I'm not ready to answer that question. Maybe later, but not now". Will she accept that answer? She can't MAKE you tell her anything you don't want to. You do have control. You can just talk about your sister, or your friends not talking to you - these things happen to every teenage girl. Talking about these things won't tell her anything that could be used "against" you. But it could tell you how she will react to you and whether she can help you feel less alone.

I hate to see you hurting so much for so long.

(email if you want to babble fallsfall - a hotmail account)




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