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Re: Forced Termination and Hatred *Trigger SI*

Posted by RealMe on September 1, 2007, at 23:38:35

In reply to Re: Forced Termination and Hatred *Trigger SI*, posted by Maria01 on September 1, 2007, at 10:39:02


I had a student I supervised, young though, like your intern, and she ended up going off the deep end, and I am sorry about that, but she left an evaluation undone, and I had to try to pick up the pieces. Now she is emailing me for a letter of recommendation to go do her internship. I have not responded to her, but she emailed me again. So I think I need to let her know I can't recommend her. I worked with her around her stuff and got her to go see a pdoc and therapist, but in the end she bailed on me and did not finish her diaganostic practicum. I really don't think I can give her a recommendation as she was not being responsible. At least I can say that I took care of things before my LOA. And, I am not doing therapy with anyone right now as I think it best to wait until I have dealt with my csa. I know my limits.

People I saw on internship knew upfront I was only there for a year, and I made arrangements to transfer anyone who was still there in the hospital. We did sessions together with the new therapist before I left. People from my postdoc knew I was there for only two years, and again anyone I was seeing in therapy knew this upfront, and I made arrangements for transfer before I left. This is a different type of "forced" termination as it is not really termination if there is overlap with the new person. I just wish more people handled this better.

Yes termination can also be an issue for a therapist, and it would be best to address this with the therapist if possible.

I remember your situation Maria; it was awful, and you are right about the person. Perhaps she should not work doing therapy until she deals with her own issues. I won't go so far as to say she should never work with patients. She does, however, need to deal with her stuff if she is getting triggered by therapy with patients.

Maria, didn't you say you were a vet techician? If you haven't got a job, have you thought of going into business for yourself, taking care of people's animals at home. I would sure hire you in a flash as I have no one to take care of my cats if I go somewhere--Sigi needs his water treatments or whatever they are called, three times per week puting the water treatments under the skin. He is such a good boy and lets us stick the needle in him and take his treatments, and Freyja with her insulin shots twice a day. Our vet has just stopped boarding except for after surgery. We may try to get one of the vet techs to come and do it, but we really need someone to come and stay at our house as they eat different foods, and they should not eat each others food. One's food is high in protein (Freyja) and one's is low in protein (Sigi). Stress time.





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