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Re: therapy Ľ Estella

Posted by littleone on August 6, 2006, at 21:04:08

In reply to Re: therapy Ľ littleone, posted by Estella on August 6, 2006, at 1:16:22

> Yeah. I need to talk to her about where we are going. I think she is keen to drop me to fortnightly then monthly then... Drop me. I need to talk to her about that.

<< Ouch. Not what you needed to hear. I know Iíve heard you say before that you saw value in sorting things out yourself (ie working on yourself by yourself) and I certainly think you have the smarts to do some of this yourself. But I also know that for me, a big part of my healing is actually experiencing someone who really does care about and shows interest in me and helps build my worth up. I really believe that if you have troubles with your sense of self, then you need that experiential learning as well as the intellectual insights. I know that for a long time I wanted to be able to fix me myself. I didnít want to have to need my Tís help.

<< I wish you could have this too.

> Ah. On paper (or text) is different to in person (with people's physical presences looming over you). Hostile voices... Thats what I have trouble with. I can handle myself okay when the physical presence is absent.

<< That makes sense. I can understand that. It sounds like an unsafe environment for you. Perhaps you could work with your T on finding ways to make things safer for you. I donít really understand what the situation is, but perhaps you could just work with the philosophy people, but socialise with a different sphere of people. You could also work on ways to make your interactions with them safer. I imagine that their hostility must add a lot of stress on to your life. Even if it is hard to see because itís there all the time.

> I don't mean to be... Confrontational. I don't know. I don't know what / who I am and what I'm doing... I don't know.

<< I just wanted to clarify that I didnít mean that *you* were confrontational. You do put your ideas and opinions forth quite readily and will debate issues, but I sense that you always try to respect the other personís point of view and if you realise that the topic is hurting them, you respect them and back down. I donít think Iíve ever seen you act hostile towards anyone here. It sounds like thatís the difference between you and the philosophy people. You treat the other person respectfully, they sound like theyíll make their point at any cost. Do you think itís like a power game for them?

> > Did you end up moving to Australia?
> Yeah.

<< I hope you like the land of oz and take some time to look around a bit. Donít just hole up in a city somewhere. Iím not sure if youíre aware or not, but Medicare is going to start covering shrink visits from November. Not sure of the rules and conditions yet, but you might want to check out if you qualify for Medicare coverage.




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