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Re: Why do they do this to me?

Posted by Pandabear on February 18, 2004, at 22:06:08

In reply to Re: Why do they do this to me? Crooked Heart, posted by mair on February 18, 2004, at 21:48:38

Having both my therapist and psychiatrist working in the same office is annoying..because you are is annoying that they are in constant communication about me and yet I am not in on it. I know they are having to be guarded with me because I worry a lot but I really dont appreciate it. I dont want to switch because they are pretty much the best office in town and I like them a lot...My psychiatrist started me on seroquel last tuesday and I have decided not to use it because first off I dont like the way it makes me feel ....she has me using it for sleep and obsessing and I dont need help sleeping...Second, I have heard too many bad things about the long term effects of seroquel and im too chicken to try it...but I dont think she will be pleased if I stop im going to call her tomorrow and inform her that i didnt take it taking lamictal and that should be helping my anxiety soooo really i dont need the least this is how I feel...oh well. Im so nervous that because of my obsessing ..they are going to want to hospitalize me...I resorted to writing her a letter instead of calling her and so that is good..but writing a letter is still trying to get in touch with her. The more of a boundary I have ..the more obsessed im going to get...*and I told her that in my letter...but I dont want her to think I need to be hospitalized. The first time before therapy that I was so obsessive was when I was obsessed and dependent on my "friend" and he set a boundary on me calling and talking to him and I became VERY OBSESSIVE and during that time..she could have hospitalized me if I was in therapy then ..but I wasnt. When I told her about this, she agreed that she could have...but to think about where I was now and that I had moved on...This is true but NOW im regressing and now because there is a boundary against me Im doing the same thing that I was doing with my friend..and Im becoming obsessive again and soooo if im not careful, she could hospitalize me..or would she? I dont know. But..I still dont think the seroquel can help me...all it is doing is putting me to sleep at night..and IF im not ready to go to sleep and i stay up fighting it..i get really sick to my stomach and so sick that I cant stand up anymore and have to lay down...I just dont like it. I hope she is ok with me stopping it. She put me on it because of my anxiety but also because I had been taking tylonol pm for 4 days and she didnt want me to become addicted to it...PERSONALLY I would rather take tylonol pm....but thats just me. I dont know what to do right soooooooooooooofrustrated..please think about me this next meeting with my therapist to discuss my letter to her....its not going to be fun at all...:(




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